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In Ammonia
The two react to form many toxic products, including chloramine, dichloramine, nitrogen trichloride and hydrazine. But, if the reaction goes through all the way, it forms non-toxic nitrogen. The equation is as followed:
NH3+NaOCl --> NH2Cl+NaOH
NH2Cl+NaOCl --> NHCl2+NaOH
NHCl2+NaOCl --> NCl3+NaOH

NH3+NH2Cl+NaOH --> N2H4+NaCl+H2O

N2H4+2NH2Cl --> 2NH4Cl+N2

I would not recommend it unless you have proper safety equipment, a fume hood and are doing it under supervision of a experienced chemist.
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What is ammonia?

Ammonia . Ammonia is a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, with formula NH 3 . Under normal circumstances it is a very toxic gas. It is a common precursor for many chemical products, particularly fertilizers and explosives.. What you buy in the store as "ammonia" is a very dilute solution of a (MORE)

What happens when you mix bleach and ammonia?

I just had that incident from cleaning, and my lungs started to burn and i started to cough, i think you should stay away from the fumes and drink milk, maybe call a doctor to see what they had to say but now after about like 30 minutes I am okay, so i think everything will be FINE! Chemically wh (MORE)

Why is it deadly to mix ammonia with bleach?

Because the giant warning on the bottle in bright red print with a skull and cross bones isn't enough, hundreds of people are wheeled into emergency rooms every year after mixing a deadly combination of ammonia and bleach- a corrosive concoction that can cause the lungs to fill with liquid. Househo (MORE)

What happens when you combine bleach and ammonia.?

It will make Chlorine Gas (among other deadly things) That warning is there to protect you. Household bleach has a chemical formula of NaOCl - that is, one atom each of sodium, oxygen, and chlorine. Its chemical name, for the curious, is sodium hypochlorite. Ammonia has a chemical formula of NH 3 , (MORE)

What happens when you inhale ammonia and bleach?

Ammonia and Bleach create Chlorine gas. Which causes respiratory damage that will lead to death if enough is inhaled. Oh and it's painful. Warning to all who like to clean the toilet by letting a bit of bleach soak in it: Make these restrooms off limits to the kids, or better yet, wait until after (MORE)

How does bleach bleach?

Bleach is a fairly common word which is used to describe a range of different things. Some forms of bleach and the household bleach that you put down the loo and stuff has usually got a lot of chlorine in it. In fact, the active chemical is a substance called sodium hypochlorite. It's the same stuff (MORE)

How do you get ammonia?

Well, if you mean how to make it, well you need to react together nitrogen and hydrogn gases(Formula for Ammonia is NH 4 ). I suggest it is cheaper to buy it somewhere because it isn't easy to liberate nitrogen with materials that you can easily access. Hydrogen can be made by the reaction of an aci (MORE)

Can you mix Oxygen Bleach and ammonia?

Oxygen bleach uses hydrogen peroxide instead of sodium hypochlorite, and to my knowledge the two do not react, though I would still not recommend it.

If you wipe a surface with bleach can you then wipe the surface with ammonia-based cleaners after the bleach dries?

This wouldn't be a problem as most household bleaches are based on ALKALINE bases, such as hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia is also an alkaline substance, so won't produce a chemical reaction. However, you should never mix bleach with anything ACIDIC (such as vinegar, lemon juice, acid-based household (MORE)

Where do you get ammonia?

you can get it at your local Petland or ace hardware but if you are referring to where ammonia comes naturally, then ammonia is a common byproduct of animal waste due to the often inefficient conversion of feed nitrogen (N) to animal product (Bicudo et al., 2002). Livestock and poultry are often g (MORE)

What happens when you combine bleach and ammonia?

When you combine bleach and ammonia, the two react to form manytoxic products, including chloramine, dichloramine, nitrogentrichloride and hydrazine. But, if the reaction goes through allthe way, it forms non-toxic nitrogen. The equation is as followed: NH3+NaOCl --> NH2Cl+NaOH NH2Cl+NaOCl --> NHCl2 (MORE)

What is bleach about?

Bleach is about a high school student name Ichigo, who has the ability to see spirits. Through a series of evens, he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper: souls that battle Hollows- evil spirits- and help other souls pass on. To defend his sisters from a Hollow, Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper. He must also batt (MORE)

What is it ammonia?

Ammonia is a chemical compound, a gas with the formula NH 3 . Now ammonia is a colorless gas with a strong, suffocating odor. The substance is poisonous. Ammonia is widely used in industry. Contact with the substance is dangerous is not wearing the proper equipment (gloves and gas mask).

Do Bleach and ammonia produces Chlorine gas?

No because ammonia and chlorine gas react together, as well as ammonia and bleach. So in other words, you cannot produce a chlorine gas with something that is meant to react to it.

My washing machine says to make a paste with ammonia and color safe bleach to remove deodorant stains isn't that dangerous or is it the color safe that would make this safe?

I have done this for years and it works great...but it is VERY STRONG fumes!!! But does the trick and is not caustic. I have redone on blouses a few times and still no holes. It has to be CHLORINE-FREE bleach. The active component of regular bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which reacts with ammonia (MORE)

Will bleach and ammonia kill ants?

I'm surprised this has not been answered yet. Neither bleach nor ammonia are apparently more or less effective at killing ants than pesticides. Although, ammonia may have an effect on removing the chemical trails ants leave behind to pick up on later. However, your question is worded in such a wa (MORE)

Can the level of ammonia in your urine get high enough to cause a deadly gaseous reaction when mixed with toilet bowl cleaners containing bleach?

The first thing to understand is that you normally do not have ammonia in your urine. Ammonia is produced by the break down of nitrogen compounds, such as uric acid in urine, by bacteria. So, unless you have a major urinary tract infection there is no ammonia present. Any that is produced is pretty (MORE)

How do you mix ammonia with hydrogen peroxide for bleaching hair?

Mixing household Ammonia with over-the-counter Hydrogen Peroxide is not recommended. It's best to stop by your local beauty supply store and pick up some regular developer. If you're bleaching hair, choose a 30 volume- cream. 20 volume is recommended for on the scalp lighting.

How can you get ammonia?

The easiest way for you and I to get ammonia (well, not counting the obvious "go to the store and buy some!" answer) is to collect the ammonia gas emissions from fresh dung. Factories make it out of natural gas.

Can you make anhydrous ammonia out of ammonia?

connect two propane cylinders together with pipe. Put a pressure valve on it for safety purposes. Put a fill valve on top of one and a release valve on the bottom of the other. Connect the release valve to a piece of pipe so you can direct it. Put the cylinder with the release valve into a tub of dr (MORE)

I want a hair dye with no bleach or ammonia-free and if it contains hydrogen peroxide would that be bleach just the scientific name for it?

Hydrogen peroxide is hair bleach. If you're blonde already and you want your hair to be a really vibrant color, dye it in Kool Aid. I'm not kidding here: Kool Aid has a LOT of very permanent dye in it. People who make things out of wool yarn dye the yarn in Kool Aid, and one of the trickiest carpet (MORE)

Does bleach contain ammonia?

No. Bleach can contain a number of substances depending on the type. You should never mix ammonia with bleach; they can react to form a deadly gas.

In household ammonia are there the compounds of ammonia nitrate or ammonia sulfate?

Ammonia nitrate and ammonia sulfate are not proper IUPAC or common chemical names. Household ammonia consists of ammonia gas (NH3) dissolved in water. Once dissolved in water, part of the ammonia reacts with water to produce equilibrium concentrations of the positive ammonium ion, H4N+ and the nega (MORE)

How you can identify ammonia?

Ammonia gas has characteristic properties which are used to identify it. Some of Physical properties are: Color : colorless odor : characteristic strong pungent smell(ammoniacal smell ) Physiological nature : causes an irritating, burning sensation in upper part of nasal passage, fata (MORE)

How ammonia is manufactured?

Nitrogen is reacted with hydrogen in an appropriate conditions. To get the highest yield of ammonia, it is advised to use high pressure and low temperature. Often the use of (powdered) iron catalyst to maintain the rate. However, industrial process -the Haber process- use high temperature as rat (MORE)

What taste is ammonia?

Ammonia has no taste but a very strong odor, suffocating and dangerous (can be letal).

Can kittens get ammonia?

Ammonia is a chemical that can be found in a cat's urine. If you are asking if a kitten can get Pneumonia, then yes. Kitten's can contract pneumonia.

Can you take any medication after inhaling bleach and ammonia?

That sounds like a nasty little mixture. Ther is probably not a great deal you can do about the irritation you wil gett from it. perhaps drinking copious amounts of milk may be helpfull as this wil cause a build up of mucus in the lungs which you will tend to cough up.

What are the symptoms of bleach and ammonia poisoning?

After breathing in the fumes you will feel severe burning in your nose, eyes, throat and chest. Soon after you will start to have trouble breathing and an irregular heart rate. Shortly after that you will become increasingly dizzy and enter an almost confused like state. You must seek immediate emer (MORE)

Can you gargle bleach and ammonia?

Bleach is an acid and the 2 combined for a deadly gas so-no. Even to gargle just one of them would cause serious and permanent harm, possibly death.

Is ammonia bleach?

No. There are a number of types of bleach. Ammonia is not one ofthem. Never mix ammonia and bleach. Depending on the type, they canreact to form a deadly gas.

Will bleach and ammonia combo kill spiders?

A mixture of ammonia and bleach will probably kill you , so it will also be harmfull to a spider. Seriously, don't mix any household chemicals to 'make' an insecticide. Please use specific agents that are developed to kill spiders for you own safety.