Blend door actuator on my 1997 Sable works intermittantly?

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That's exactly what my Windstar actuator did when it was failing - all depending on how cold it was: the colder the less likely it would work.

I would suggest planning on replacing it soon.

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How do you install a temperature blend door actuator motor on a 1996 or newer Sable - Taurus?

I'm am just now doing this for my 2001 Sable. You will need an 8mm socket and probly an 8mm open/box end wrench. This is list does not have the specific details of "how to" fo

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The actuator is located on top of the heater box and can be accessed by fully opening the glove box and looking in the upper left hand corner. Generally, the actuator motor is

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There are 2 common questions relating to the temperature blend door on a Taurus / Sable: . What moves them . How to replace them The "Related Questions" below address bot

How do you test a blend door actuator?

There is no significant power at the three wire plug at the control knob, the three wires are directly wired to a potentiometer. In the five wire plug on the actuator there is