Boiler goes out after few mins?

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Look at the control board for any flashing light for a diagnostic code, without the make and model # I can tell you there are several areas that can be causing this, low or high water level, high temps, the flue being blocked or the pressure switch not closing etc.
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Why does your 1987 Pontiac firebird 50 4bbl make a loud rattle noise during warm up when at full throttle only for a few mins then goes away but its a loud rattle that don't sound right?

Answer . On many engines the engineers use redirected exhaust gases to quickly warm-up the engine. The valve that redirects the exhaust gas is controlled by a bi-metal spring and the valve assembly can wear out over the years and begin to rattle. It's usually on one of the exhaust manifolds. If y (MORE)

White smoke comes out during idle after gas peddle is pushed quickly and car goes back to idle does not smell like burnt oil just rich smell will stop after a few min is engine loading up?

Answer . While an engine is cold, water vapor condenses and comes out the exhaust pipe as white vapor on a cold day. After the engine warms up, the exhaust pipe is hotter allowing the exhaust gasses to be hotter as they come out the tailpipe. When that occurs, the water vapor dissipates long befo (MORE)

What should you do if your shower repeatedly goes cold and then hot and you can hear the boiler fire up each time?

Answer . \nYour boiler tank may be too small for your needs, the thermostat set point too low, or, you may be spending way too much time in the shower and need to give someone else a chance.\n. \nWith regards to the boiler tank being too small, it is obvious that if it only heats twelve gallons (MORE)

What is boiler?

Boiler is an energy conversion device, the energy input to the boiler with the fuel chemical energy, electrical energy, high-temperature flue gas heat, etc., and after boiler conversion, exporting has a certain heat of steam, hot water or organic heat carrier . The original meaning refers to the pot (MORE)

Why would a 2000 Mitsubishi montero be smoking after it sits at a light for a few mins.?

Common Montero problem. I'll bet you're burning oil - do you find it is a quart low every 4,000 miles or so? Get your favorite mechanic to do a compression blow-down test - I'll bet you need rings. Oil is seeping into your cylinders. You can drive the truck like this for a long time without really h (MORE)

Why does a house get cold in winter if the boiler goes off?

In the winter people used to heat their houses with fires. In modern houses the boiler is a fire that heats water (or air) that is then circulated round the house in pipes to warm the rooms - this is called central heating. If the boiler goes off this removes the source of heat and the central he (MORE)

Why supercritical boiler are drumless boilers?

Answer to this question is very simple as the meaning of pressure is force on unit area, so more units of area or simply more area of a vessel containing a pressurized fluid in it exerting force on its walls, means, this vessel is more likely to burst than a vessel which has less diameter thus havin (MORE)

Why does 97 pathfinder run rough when first started cold but smooths out after run for a few min?

When you first start the vehicle, it's running in the "open loop" mode....i.e. the computer is not yet being fed input from the various sensors and runs in a default mode. This is okay when the engine is fresh and clean but with wear and crud buildup on a higher mileage engine, the default settings (MORE)

What does it mean when the electricity goes off for a few minutes then goes back on?

There are many things that could be wrong here. Check with the power company. They have very detailed records of power spikes and other defects that could cause your power to fluctuate on and off.. If the power company says that they have no record of any abnormalities then I would start at your in (MORE)

Nokia 6120 classic turn off after few mins?

May be your phone's super dongle key is invalid.. try repairing it with mxkey application also check your phone's imei (*#06#). if it is corrupted then contact the service center.

When well water pump switch goes on-off every few seconds what is the cause?

The cause is a pressure tank that has lost it's residual air (called 'waterlogged '). The tank is now full of water and every time you need water , the pump has to switch on to provide it. - You may be able to fix this if you are handy with tools and have a small compressor. Here is an article I wro (MORE)