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Botanical name of the Neem tree?

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The botanical name of the Neem tree is Azadirachta indica. It belongs to the family Meliaceae.
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Advantages of neem tree?

Neem is something that is used medicinally. Almost all parts of the  tree can be used, including the roots, leaves, flowers, and fruit.

6 Health Benefits of Neem Oil

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5 Uses For Neem Powder

While neem oil is commonly used topically to treat a variety of skin conditions, the powdered form of the neem plant can also be used internally. There are, however, some hea (MORE)

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What is the botanical name of the cacao tree?

  The botanical name of the cacao tree is Theobrama cacao. The name was given in 1753 by the Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus.
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In Biology

Does the Neem tree have a tap root?

fibrous root Neem trees are generally raised from seeds hence there is tap root coming out of radicle of the embryo.
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Which birds habitat the neem tree?

There are numerous bird species that live in neem trees. Some of  these include the black-naped oriole, the Asian glossy starling,  the Oriental magpie robin, and the chestn (MORE)