Briggs and stratton engine that smokes only when you first start it up what cause this?

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If the engine is four-cycle, the valve seals may be worn, causing a small amount of oil to seep into the piston cylinder or combustion chamber. If it is two-cycle, the oil/fuel mix may have a little too much oil.
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Why does a 22 hp Briggs stratton engine smoke when started?

We need more info on your particular engine. It could be anything ranging from adding too much oil, worn piston rings, or the fact that when the engine is started, the carbure

Why does a 22 hp Briggs stratton engine smoke when started just bought the tractor?

Answer . if it smokes just when started and then quits smoking, it may have to much oil in it, check oil level, if it keeps on smoking then you have a ring problem what TYP

What will cause compression lock up on a Briggs and stratton lawnmower only when spark plug is in?

Answer . Probably has something to do with the compression release or valve adj. Look at troubleshooting in the manual.. You did not say if your lawnmower is gas or elect

Why does Briggs and stratton lawn mower engine start fine but then the idle goes way up and way down to a sputter?

there are many reasons for this , it could be running lean by the carb not adjusted right.look at the engine from the carb side.there are small rods that connect to a arm that

Engine only smokes at start up?

As a first guess I'd suggest that you're getting a little "cylinder washdown", meaning that an injector or the carb is allowing too much fuel into one or more cylinders and it

What will cause a muffler to glow red immediatly after starting the engine on an 18 hp Briggs and stratton?

One of the cylinders is probably not firing. Try pulling a each plug wire alternately while the engine is running. One of them probably won't make any difference and the other

Why will my Briggs and Stratton 14.5 engine not start?

I have a 14.5 Briggs and Stratton engine on a Ranch King riding mower that will not start. After spraying starter fluid into the head, and air cleaner it fires for a second, b
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What causes a car to smoke blue only when started in the morning than will do fine after thatit will not smoke when driving or start up only on the first start up of the day?

I believe your valve seals are leaking until the engine warms up. On my 350 chev you had to take the spark plug out and pressurize the cylinder, remove the valve retaining cli
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Why does your Briggs and stratton lawnmower engine smoke?

Black smoke= running to rich(too much gas) try replacing your air filter or your carburetor might be out of adjustment, choke might be on White smoke=burning oil. Make sure t