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Can you use a home pregnancy test more than once?

Certainly...but not the same one! You have to buy a new one.. To ensure the best results:. Take the test in the morning, if possible, because your hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels are at it's highest . Don't drink a bunch of fluids before taking the test because it will dilute your urine and can af (MORE)

Can you get smallpox more than once?

No. After you get a disease like smallpox, your body is able to develop permanent defenses against it. This makes you "Immune" to the disease. This is the principle on which vaccines work.

Can you use a action replay code more than once?

you can use a code from an action replay till the cows come home. some codes even need to be used every time you use the game because it doesn't save. for example: the max cash code on Pokemon saves with the game, the run anywhere through anything does not, to use it again you have to turn on the ac (MORE)

Is a hurricane name used more than once?

Yes. A hurricane name may be reused once every six years unless a storm of that name is particularly bad (e.g. Katrina, Andrew), in which case the name is retired from use.

Can you use the leopard disk more than once?

You can use the Leopard install disc as often as you need on a single Mac. If you want to install leopard on several Macs you need to purchase a Family Pack version of Leopard.

Why can't the cold pack be used more than once?

I assume you mean the chemical cold packs that you twist and shake which become cold immediately. Those cannot be reused since breaking the liquid vial and shaking mixes two chemical ingredients and result in an irreversible chemical reaction. The chemical cold packs uses the endothermic reaction of (MORE)

Should something be used more than once?

your question is a little vague. Some things can be used more than once.. plastic cups, dishes, clothing that has been washed, some should not be used more than once.. a ziploc bag you've stored raw meat or fish in, a condom, disposeable diapers, reusing those things is a no no hope i answered (MORE)

Can you use a skull more than once?

only if ur gay?!? Dont listen to that idiot. ^.^ You are Born With a skull, you don't control it yourself, it works by itself, it protects the Brain. And if you didnt have a skull you wouldn't have a head.

Can a brine solution be used more than once?

Whether you can use a brine solution more than once depends on what you are using it for. If you are using the brine for the same cut of meat that it was initially used for. Should more salt or seasoning be added?

Can you use the Metal Coat item more than once?

No, the Metal Coat is an evolution item that you give to Onix or Scyther before you trade one of them if you want a Steelix or Scizor. Once you traded an Onix or Scyther holding a Metal Coat, your Pokemon will evolve, but they won't be holding a Metal Coat afterwards for you to take back.

Can you use a parachute more than once?

Yes and no. Yes because you can fold it back up into its sack. But some kinds of parachutes can not be folded back into its sack. For example a normal nylon parachute can. But a space parachute cant.

Can you use a dry ice bomb more than once?

If you mean the dry ice bomb as in putting dry ice in a bottle and sealing it, and then having it explode, then no . The bottle and the dry ice cannot be reused from the Dry Ice Bomb. The reasoning is that the Dry Ice would have already used enough of its fuel to try to explode the bottle that no f (MORE)

Do hurricane names get used more than once?

Yes. Hurricane names can be re-used every six years. However, names later in the alphabet are not always used, as there are 21 available names for each year, while most years to not have more than 12 names storms. Also, if a storm is particularly bad the name will be retired, and another name wil (MORE)

Why shouldn't people use antibiotics more than once?

Frequent use of antibiotics can cause bacterial resistance. When bacteria are exposed to an antibiotic more than once, it can start to become immune to it. Antibiotics can also cause birth defects and other health problems. Soap and hot water works just as effectively.

Can wow expansion pack be used more than once?

You can install it on multiple computers, but it can only be bound to one account. This doesn't mean your friends can't use your computer to play their characters, this just means you can only register the expansion pack to one account. Hope this helps.

Can cut be used more than once in soul silver?

Depends on what you mean. Cut is an HM, which allows you to teach it to every Pokemon you have that can learn it. The HM cut, has a limited amount of PP, so you can only use it a limited amount of times. And lastly, if you mean outside of battle, than there is no limit to how much you can use it - T (MORE)

Can HM's be used more than once in mystery dungeon?

if u r talking bout the hm's to learn moves u van use them more than once if u hold it in your pokemon's hand and use the move recycle and it will be restored to its default move that was there in the first place if u don't have the move recycle TOUGH LUCK

Can you use the Honey in Tamagotchi v4.5 more than once?

Nope. Once your Tamagotchi eats or uses it, it gets all wacky and it's been used. So no. Only once! If you want to receive another one: CCBA AABB in the shop under the baseball icon. It should work unless you already did that in the past. Answer this? : Can you use the ufo more than once in Tamagotc (MORE)

Why don't you use hurricane names more than once?

Hurricane names are actually recycled every six years unless the storm is particularly bad (such as Katrina or Andrew) in which case the name is retired. If names were recycled more frequently it might lead to confusion. The names of particularly bad ones are retired to avoid confusion as well, (MORE)

Can you use Epipens more than once?

An Epi-pen is a single use instrument. After use, it should bediscarded in an appropriate container. If you continue to have thesymptoms that made you use the Epi-pen in the first place, you maygive yourself another dose of the Epi-pen, provided you haveanother one in your possession. Once you use y (MORE)

Can you use a model volcano more than once?

The answer depends on what you want to use it for, and the nature of the eruption the first time. Some eruptions result in the destruction of the model or most of it. Consider Mt St Helens, for example.

Is the same Havdalah candle used more than once?

The same Havdalah candle may be used as many times as desired, for as long as enough of it remains to be used safely. Large, ornate, braided Havdalah candles are often given as gifts, and one candle may last more than a year. (Even if it's used ! ... at the conclusion of every Sabbath and Fest (MORE)

Can you use the effect of hysteric party more than once?

No, the cost of discarding one card is the cost to flip the face-down card face-up. Even though it's continuous and remains on the field, this is so it acts like Premature Burial or Call of the Haunted. It does not have a repeatable Ignition-like effect that can be paid over and over for the same ef (MORE)

Can you use star 67 on the phone more than once?

I'm not sure what you mean, can you use it more than once. But *67 blocks your phone number when you dial out. If you need to call multiple people, you will need to use *67 each time to restrict your number when you dial out. So, I guess you can interpret that to mean yes, you can use it more than (MORE)

Can a Cessna 406 be used more than once?

Excuse me, but that is a REALLY DUMB question. Can your mommy's car be used more than once? Can your computer be used more than once? Of COURSE it can. It would be ridiculous to invest all the time and money into building a device like a utility airplane if it could only be used once.

Can a hurricane name ever be used more than once?

Yes, if a storm doesn't cause much damage, its name may be usedagain and returned to the annual rotation. Names become availablefor reuse once every six years. Hurricanes that cause seriousdamage or loss of life will have their names "retired" upon reviewof the hurricane season and will never be use (MORE)