Calculate the finance charge on a credit card balance of 3299.19 at a monthly rate of 1.2 percent?

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Will a foreclosure increase interest rate percentages on credit cards with existing balances?

No, there is very little danger in this occurring. Missing payments  on credit cards is the cause of increases in signature loan  interest rates and reduced card capacity (w (MORE)

Having multiple open credit cards with no balance is bad or good for credit ratings?

The Credit agencies look at your debt to available credit to determine 30% your credit score which if you have no balance it is good for the ratio but they also like to see yo (MORE)

How Credit Card Balance Transfers Work

If you have a credit card, you've probably received offers in the mail about balance transfers. If you're like most people, you simply rip them up and throw them away. While t (MORE)

Why You Should Avoid Cash Advances on Your Credit Card

With most credit cards, you have the ability to withdraw cash rather than use the card's balance. This can be an important security measure, but it's not really a wise thing t (MORE)

What You Need to Know About Credit Card Advances

Nearly all consumer credit cards offer a cash advance option. Essentially, a cash advance enables your credit card to act like an ATM card, providing you cash when you need it (MORE)

What if your credit card company charges 18 percent APR Annual Percentage Rate?

Then you should probably look for a lower interest rate card, unless you plan to pay off the balance in full. Otherwise, you will be paying ALOT of interest. A card with a sma (MORE)
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How do you calculate monthly average balance?

  Monthly average balance is the sum of daily balances in a month divided by the number of days in that month.
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Does the interest and finance charge stop each month after a credit card charge off?

  Answer     No - I am a collector and service primarily unsecured credit card debt. Per the cardholder agreement that was signed with the credit card company, (MORE)

What You Should Know About a Credit Card Cash Advance

You've probably used your credit card for groceries, travel arrangements, and other miscellaneous purchases, but you may not realize that in some cases you can get a cash adva (MORE)

What You Should Know About Credit Card Interest Rates

Hundreds of millions of Americans use credit cards. Most people use them every day, whether they are filling up their gas tank, placing an order online or buying something at (MORE)