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Can HIV be contracted if a drop of HIV infected blood touches your eye?

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HIV Infected Through Blood Touching Eye HIV can in theory enter your body through the eye; however, although a very small number of people - usually people working in a healthcare setting - have become infected with HIV as a result of blood splashes to the eye, research suggests that the risk of HIV infection in this way is extremely small.
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How is HIV contracted?

  How is HIV Transmitted? HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another through: · Blood (including menstrual blood) · Semen · Vaginal secretions ·

Is it possible to contract hiv by donating blood?

It is very possible, but the Blood Donating Centers around the U.S. always use fresh needles to take the risk away. All though it is a common fear associated with donating blo

Can you be infected with HIV by just touching a needle?

If the needle has the residue of someone who was infected with HIV/AIDS's blood on it, and the needle goes under your skin and into your blood, then yes. However, unless you

How can you get infected with HIV?

hiv all started with monkeys. But hiv spread by vaginal fluid, semon, or transferring blood with someone who has the virus.

Can you get HIV if you touch menstruation blood?

Skin is an effective barrier to HIV, so touching menstrual blood is not a risk of catching HIV. However HIV can pass through mucous membranes, which are the tissue on the insi

How do you get HIV infection?

HIV or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is spread by coming into unsafe contact with one or more of 5 bodily fluids. They are: Blood, Semen, Pre-Ejaculate, or, "Pre-Cum", Vag
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Can you contract HIV through eye tears?

  While transmission could be possible, tears are probably the body fluid least likely to harbor the virus. Tears contain both salt and components that actively fight agai
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Can you get HIV from a drop of saliva in your eye?

No, you can't get HIV from spit in your eye. This is simply because HIV is not spread through saliva, butthrough other bodily fluids like blood and semen. Still, you shouldtr

How do you contract HIV?

You contract HIV by coning into direct or indirect contact with an infected body fluid such as blood, breast milk, genital secretions (and ejaculate), fluid around the joints