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No, skin tags are usually caused by friction. Hpv causes warts usually in the vagina, penis, mouth, or genital region. The warts and lesions are very distinct they are usually cauliflower like. Don't worry about a skin tag. If you are not being safe and using protection it would not be a bad idea to get tested.
Actually, skin tags are nothing more than out of control skin cell growth. Cut them off and there is a chance that they will grow back.

HPV causes warts which is a virus. A skin tag is not the cause of a virus.

There are some natural ways to remove a skin tag but the most effective (and quickest) way is to go to a dermatologist and have them cut it off.

HPV lesions are typically found on mucuos membranes, the genitals or lips. You probably are developing small benign skin tags. Talk with a dermatologist. They can easily be burned, frozen, or surgically excised in the office.
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HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that is cause by Human Papilloma Virus. There are approx. 60 different stains of this virus, 5 of those have been implicated in causing cervical cancer. There is no evidence the virus is transmitted any way other than sexual contact. Skin tags are benign lesions found on the skin, most commomly in the arm pit, groin, and neck, and have no relationship to HPV. There may be a hereditary tendency to develop these lesions which are usually asymptomatic, however they can be irritated by rubbing on clothing and need removal.
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