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Can IRS take your money if you was in an accident?

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No. Since you are black, its obvious you already get free money from welfare. The IRS only bothers people with jobs.
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Can the IRS close my checking account by taking all the money.?

Answer . They can not close your accounts. They will however monitor all activity coming in and out of the accounts of the signer who is flagged for investigation. They wil

Can the IRS take your refund and give it to Alabama unemployment for the money you received?

IRS can certainly offset any Federal debts...and most states UI program is at least partially, if not fully, funded by the Feds, just administered by the State. (That's whay t

Can the IRS take state tax return money?

Generally yes..stae and federal governments cooperate.. The other side is....if you owe it to a government your going to end up paying it, and accumulated interest and penalt

Can IRS take money out of your short-term disability?

The answer depends upon how you paid the premium. If you paid the premium entirely yourself using after tax dollars, the benefit is completely tax free. If you paid thro

Does the Colorado IRS take money out of federal or state tax for owed chils support?

It is not the Colorado IRS. The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treas

Can IRS take unemployment money from bank account?

IRS can take whatever they want as long as they have the judgementor proper lien papaerwork filed. They are amazingly efficient whenit comes to attaching liens and they gooble