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Can IRS take your money if you was in an accident?

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No. Since you are black, its obvious you already get free money from welfare. The IRS only bothers people with jobs.
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Can IRS take money out of your short-term disability?

  The answer depends upon how you paid the premium. If you paid the premium entirely yourself using after tax dollars, the benefit is completely tax free. If you paid

Can the IRS take life insurance?

The policy would not be subject to seizure during the person's lifetime and it Could not be used to pay tax arrearages if there is a beneficiary named at the time of the insur

Can the IRS take your retirement?

This is a difficult question to answer without know the full underlying issues. A short simple answer to your question is - yes, the IRS can take your retirement. They can tak

How much money can you keep in your bank account without the IRS taking it for unpaid taxes?

The IRS can take a dollar if they feel like it if you have unpaid taxes...and they can do it without notice.     Well, they do have to give you notice. The IRS is requ

How long can the IRS take to process refund?

The IRS can take as long as it needs to in order to properly verify that you are owed a refund. If they don't send your refund within 45 days after April 15 or 45 after they r

How do you find out if you owe IRS money?

Usually if you owe back taxes, IRS will send you a letter to notify you that you owe IRS money. However, if you are not sure, try to call IRS at 1-800-829-1040. Also you can g
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Can the IRS take child support money?

If a person owes unpaid child support, the IRS can take it from  their expected tax refund when federal taxes are filed. Wages can  also be garnished for unpaid child suppor