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Can IRS take your money if you was in an accident?

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No. Since you are black, its obvious you already get free money from welfare. The IRS only bothers people with jobs.
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Can IRS take money out of your short-term disability?

  The answer depends upon how you paid the premium. If you paid the premium entirely yourself using after tax dollars, the benefit is completely tax free. If you paid

Where does collected IRS money go?

To the Federal Reserve to pay for the interest on the Government's debt. The Fed is owned by J.P. Morgan's, The Bank of America and other privately owned banks. So your money

Can the IRS actually take money out of achecking account without a persons knowledge?

  It depends on what you mean by without your knowledge. The IRS is required to send a series of demands for payment, the last of which will be titled "Final Notice of Int

Can the IRS take state tax return money?

  Generally yes..stae and federal governments cooperate.   The other side is....if you owe it to a government your going to end up paying it, and accumulated interest a

Can the IRS take your retirement?

This is a difficult question to answer without know the full underlying issues. A short simple answer to your question is - yes, the IRS can take your retirement. They can tak

How much money can you keep in your bank account without the IRS taking it for unpaid taxes?

The IRS can take a dollar if they feel like it if you have unpaid taxes...and they can do it without notice.     Well, they do have to give you notice. The IRS is requ

Irs owes me money?

I don't know who Irs is but it seems you're in a tough situation.

How do you find out if you owe IRS money?

Usually if you owe back taxes, IRS will send you a letter to notify you that you owe IRS money. However, if you are not sure, try to call IRS at 1-800-829-1040. Also you can g

If i owe the IRS money can i get a passport?

    I think that depends on how much you own ( over 10,000) and if they actively have a case against you. Either way pay them, they will never leave you alone and the

If the IRS and State are taking money from your checking account and payroll check for personal taxes will declaring bankruptcy stop this?

In general, Federal tax lien are not able to be discharged through bankruptcy. You didn't mention what state you are in, but whether or not state taxes would be exempt would