Can I split army reserve training over months?

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In US Army
You can split it into two parts, BCT and AIT, it's for reserve components only
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What can the army get you training in?

1. Air traffic controller. 2. Wheeled vehicle mechanic. 3. Aircraft mechanic. 4. Food service. 5. Medical. 6. Administration. 7. Dog handling (K-9 Corps). 8. Aircraft crewmen. 9. Engineers. 10. Electricians

Why is the Army Reserved?

If you are in the Army your fulltime job is to be in the Army. If you are in the Reserves you go through the training then go back to your civillian life until needed (train one weekend a month). Two separate gigs- army and army reserves. Lots of people will stay in reserves after their time as full (MORE)

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What is RAC means in train reservation?

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Is there US army reserve infantry?

The US Army Reserve is mostly support troops. Combat arms units--infantry, armor and engineers--normally belong to the National Guard. There is one infantry battalion in the US Army Reserve - the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment, which is headquartered in Hawaii, and composed of Reservists f (MORE)

Do we say reserve private at the army or reservist private at the army?

The US Army consists of three armies: Regular Army, Army Reserves, and the Army National Guard. The US Air Force has the same organization. The USN & USMC do not; they only have reserves. For the Army & Air Force; the AIR National Guard and the ARMY National Guard are (and/or were up until the US (MORE)

Can a felon enlist in Army reserves?

As of now, the US Army and Army Reserves is not accepting those who have felony charges, however it does not prevent you from contacting a local recruiter and let them know your charges and see if they can work something.

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How do you reserve train ticket?

For UK trains, eurostar, European train tickets and rail passes and Amtrak tickets and rail passes for the USA you can reserve train tavel at

Do you fight in the army reserve?

It's been pretty commonplace for members of the Army Reserve to be activated and deployed to countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, especially for service members in a shortage or high demand MOS (such as motor transport or military police).

What are the bad things about the army reserve?

Most of it boils down to opinion, and the Army Reserve will have pros and cons when audited against another component, such as the Army National Guard. The biggest disadvantage of the Army Reserve vs. National Guard I can see is that a lot of (but not all of) Army Reserve units are non-deployable (MORE)

Army reserve vs air force reserve?

With the exception of the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment, based in Hawaii, the Army Reserve has no combat arms, and is a support force in its entirety. It's composed of training units, instructional units, and other types of support units, with combat arms being relegated to the National G (MORE)

Can you go from army active duty to army reserve?

Sure, but only at the end of your enlistment contract - you can't terminate your active duty contract to be in the Army Reserve, but you can enlist into the Army Reserve after you've completed your active duty contract.

American doesnt need a bigger standing army it needs a deep branch of trained soldiers held in reserve who can bemobilized?

I'd be prone to disagree. The Reserve components (including the National Guard) have been suffering substantially higher attrition rates than their regular counterparts, because the Reserve training schedule (one weekend a month, two weeks a year) does not allow them to be trained to the level of pr (MORE)

What is the diffirence between the army and the army reserve?

The difference between night and day, if you want the short version. There are four components of the Army, and three of those are currently in place - the Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard. When most people refer to "Army", they usually think of the Regular Army, which is a (MORE)

Is there a list of AWOL army reserve?

The only way you can AWOL from the Army Reserve is if you're called to active duty, and fail to report in. If you miss your UTA drills (10 days of drill missed will get you discharged), it's typically just a discharge for unsatisfactory participation, and you could go back in 30 days later if you wi (MORE)

What does a Canadian army reserve sniper do?

Snipers are not members of the Primary Reserve; snipers are members of the Regular Force - the full time soldiers. Snipers serve in various combat roles which require stealth, reconnaissance, and long-range firing capabilities.

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Will your army reserve rank switch over to active duty?

For lower enlisted, yes, as those are automatic promotions based on time in service. So, if you're a Specialist or lower, you shouldn't lose rank. If you're going to the Regular Army from the Army Reserve as an NCO, you should expect that you'll loose at least one rank/grade.

What are the requirements for enlistment in the Army Reserves?

Same as they are for the Regular Army or any other military branch - 17 years old (with parental consent, or 18 without), no felonies or high level misdemeanor charges, able to pass the pre-enlistment physical and drug screen, US citizen or foreign national from an approved list of countries who has (MORE)

What would happen if I don't show up for Annual Training for Army Reserve?

That is significantly worse than missing a drill. You will be marked as Unauthorized Absent (UA) and you likely receive an article 15 or might even be administratively discharged and required to repay any tuition benefits. You need to talk to your unit administrator and square your reason and schedu (MORE)

What is army national guard reserve?

No such thing. The Army National Guard and Army Reserve are two separate entities. The Army National Guard serves also as the state National Guard, and is under the jurisdiction of state governors when not called to active duty. Soldiers in the Army Reserve are wholly federal, and cannot be called u (MORE)

What is ha1 COAH on train reservation?

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What did reserves in roman army do?

The Roman term "reserve" in the army did not have the same meaning as today's term. Today, at least in the United States, the term reserve is used to connote our "part time soldiers" or "weekend warriors" who at one time, would train for a certain period of time after they had completed their milita (MORE)

What is the METL for army reserve units?

That's going to depend on what kind of unit they are. The METL isn't going to be the same for a deployment-oriented transportation unit as they would for, say, a non-deployable transportation unit which operates as part of an Institutional Training division. Nor would the METL for a Civil Affairs un (MORE)

Where you can enroll to be a army reserve?

Any US Army recruitment center. The same recruiters who recruit for the Regular (active duty) Army also recruit for the Army Reserve. They do not, however, recruit for the National Guard.

What do the British army reserves do?

They do the same roles as regulars, just they ahve other jobs andare called up when the Governments MOD requires greater numbers offorces personel