Can NC condominium HOA specify method of unit access such as mandate of master key method?

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Check your governing documents, which will specify your board's power to mandate unit access parameters.

As well, check the NC state law governing condominiums to see how this topic is covered in state law.
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Best practices recommend a modified accrual method for thisaccouting -- counting assessments due as income at the first ofevery month. Then unpaid assessments show up as offsets againstthat revenue. You can follow the link below, without endorsement, to learn moreabout accounting for associations.

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Condominium foreclosure by hoa in Florida?

It's unclear from your question who owns the property, who is foreclosing on the unit and the reason for the foreclosure. If you own the property, and you owe money -- either to a lender, to a tax authority or to the association for over-due assessments -- foreclosure should not be a surprise. (MORE)

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What is a master condominium?

Master deed or master plan are terms often used in major landdevelopment projects. The developer then is free to subjegateseparate condominium, HOA and other legal entities under the masterdeed. Definitions may vary depending on the legal documents you referencewhen you use the term 'master condomi (MORE)