Can Pokemon GO higher than level 100 in black and white?

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How do you train your Pokemon higher than level 100?

A Pokemon cannot go more than level 100 You cannot train a Pokemon past level 100, however, you can catch one over level 100. To do this you need to do the missingno gl

How do get your Pokemon to level 100 in Pokemon black?

there is one good way i know that is easy and u don't have to do anything. step 1) put the Pokemon that u want to level up in the daycare. step 2) go to nimbasa city and g
In Pokemon Black and White

Who will trade a Deoxys in Pokemon black and white for a jirachi level 100?

If you want a level 100 Jirachi, first you have to have seen it in battle, from a special book, or a story from a special event character. Go to the Pokemon global link (in