Can Pokemon go over lv 100?

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there is no way unless you use an action replay or a Nintendo event.

How do you get shiny lv 100 Pokemon?

YOU CAN ONLY DO IT IN A SNAP WITH AN R4 BUT TO GET IT WITH OUT ONE THERES A BOX IN THE LOG IN PAGE the code is 5m0h11st it worked for me so if it doesnt for you dont blame me

How do you get a pokemon to lv 100 fast?

Without cheating, you just have to train it a lot. You could also earn 6,400 battle points, trade them in for 100 rare candies and feed them to your Pokemon.

Can a Pokemon go passed lv 100 on pearl?

No-- but I think you can use the Action Replay, or there might be a glitch that can make you Pokemon over lvl. 100. In the Red/Blue/Yellow versions, a glitch (called the ZZAZZ

Pokemon how to get to lv 100 easy?

Here is the easiest possible way there is no easier way than this, First you need to mix records with other ruby and sapphire and emerald games to get there secret bases and m
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What is the pearl code for Pokemon over LV 100?

There is no such code. The game is encoded to set a maximum limit of level 100. But in the Red/Blue/Yellow versions, there are numerous glitches. Some can take your level to l
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How do you activate lv 100 Pokemon?

You can't activate LV 100, you have to give your Pokemon experience points by fighting other Pokemon.
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What is the best lv 100 Pokemon?

That's a good one but that's difrent for everyone but i think its arceus cus it can lern every move