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Can a 10-year-old girl get pregnant when she never had her period and had sex with her older brother and sperm did not enter her body?

Most likely no. But please tell your parents or another adult that you trust what happened. This kind of behavior is not usually considered normal and is usually considered abuse. You may be worried about being pregnant, but there is a bigger issue that may need to be addressed. And that is the fact that your older brother has so much control over you. Please get help from an adult.
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NCIS: New Orleans is one of two spin-off series of NCIS. Is there any added pressure when working on a spin-off series to live up to the original?

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Well everything gets old (as it we age, cells die, new ones replace) however, our eyes always stay the same size. They only reason they "get bigger" is because the part around (MORE)

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How do you get an older woman and keep her interested if you like a girl who is two years older than you?

If you are talking about one woman in your statement 2 years isn't much of an age gap at all. You can be 18 or 19 and be very mature compared to an immature 25 year old so tha (MORE)
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Can the police force a 17-year-old girl to go back to her home after leaving home and staying at her brothers house for an extended period of time?

  Answer     In most states the custodial parent(s) would need to obtain a court order to have the minor female returned to their custody (a fairly simple matter (MORE)

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