With personas like Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, I'm sure there was never a dull moment on set. How would you describe the atmosphere on set of "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb"?

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Can a girl who has never had a period get pregnant?

 Answer   Since ovulation usually happens before the first time a girl menstruates, it is possible for a girl to get pregnant before her first period ever comes.  

How does sperm enter the vagina to get a girl pregnant?

without sexual intercourse it cannot even happen. pregnancy happens when the penis is kept at the vagina of the female reproductive system and the semen is released. semen con

Can a 10 year old get pregnant if she never had her period?

Yes, it is possible, though not likely. If she is experiencing her first cycle and hasn't had a period yet, she could get pregnant. Note that sexual activity under the age o

Can a girl get pregnant even if she has never had sex?

A girl cannot get pregnant if she has not had any kind of sexual contact.     But, if a girl gets semen close to, or on her vagina, even if there is not penetration wi

Does a girl get pregnant if sperm enters the anus?

No. The problem is that semen may LEAK from the anus and reach the exterior of the vagina, from which the sperm could also reach the mucus lining and eventually the fallopian

If a girl never had her period can she get pregnant?

  Answer     Yes.     You only have your first period after your first ovulation. It is possible to fall pregnant the very first time you ovulate and the

How can a girl get pregnant if she never had sex?

  Answer   There are several ways, SHe can have artificial sementation. she can have invetro. And I have had an aunt who got preg thru her underware. So hypothetical

Can a girl get pregnant if she has never had her period?

Yes but her timing would have to be good unless she was having sex regularly before puberty. When a ovum is released it is able to fertilised for up to 2 days by sperm. if thi