Can a 11 year old boy get a 16 year old pregnant?

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Unfortunately yes it's possible
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Can a 16 year old boy marry his 17 year old pregnant girlfriend?

no because you need to be 18 to mary. who should be pregant at 17 years old/ no one . Answer - There's a two fold problem here. . (06/13/09) Your child deserves an intac

Can a 14-year-old boy get an 11-year-old girl pregnant?

Yes he can as long as both the of them have have gone through puberty it is very much possible for him to get her pregnant! Answer Yes. A 14 year old teen can get an 11 yea

What can I do if my 16 year old is pregnant from a 19 year old boy?

\nWell, legally, it is considered staturtory rape becasue she is under 18 and he is over 18. He could go to jail. Make sure he is the father by doing a medical paterinity test

Is it illegal for a 18 year old girl to get pregnant by a 16 year old boy?

US; in most states of America the age of consent is 16 but if older it is illegal and the person above the consent age will be held responsible for the one below, so in realit

What to do if a 16 year old boy got a 14 year old girl pregnant?

14 years old is a realllly young age to have a kid lol. well for one, don't force her to do anything she doesnt want to. meaning, if she wants a abortion, don't stop her. its

Can a 11 year old boy get a 4 year old pregnant?

It would depend on a few factors. First the four year old female would have to be suffering from precocious puberty--which is very, very rare at this age if not improbable, ho