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Can a 14 year old girl orgasm?

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yes she can if she or her partner know what they are doing.
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At this point in the season we can see Margaux has it out for Emily, but how far do you think she'll take it after Victoria's warning not to mess with her?

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Can an 8 year old girl orgasm?

Yes, even though she's young and isn't fully developed, an 8 year old girl can orgasm.

Can a 13-year-old girl orgasm?

Yes, she can.

Can a 10 year old girl have an orgasm?

Yes they can.

Do 12-year -old girls have orgasms?

Yes they do. a lot!   i am thirteen but i just turned thirteen. i masturbate (and did when i was twelve) and i had orgasms all the time. i love orgasms, they make me feel s

Can a 10 year old girl have a orgasm?

Yes, a ten year old can definitely have an orgasm. Puberty doesn't set off the ability to do so, it merely sets off the ability to reproduce when engaged in of many actions th
How can a 12 year old girl orgasm?

How can a 12 year old girl orgasm?

It depends if she is sexually active at 12? If we talk how to get an orgasm with an another person? Is she is alone, by masturbating she can have an orgasm. A twelve year old