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Can a 17-year-old get an alternate representative payee for Social Security payments?

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The adult whom the minor wishes to have appointed as their SS payee should contact the SSA office in their area. They will be required to fill out the appropriate documents, be interviewed as will the minor SS beneficiary as to why they are requesting the change. If the SSA finds the request valid they may choose to honor it. If the request is rejected, the chosen adult can attempt to have the change made through the court system. That could be a very lengthy and expensive process with no guarantees.
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How do I stop Social Security payments and wait until I am 66?

You can contact the Social Security Administration and request they suspend benefits at any time; however, if you filed for early retirement (before age 66) and have already r

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Can your Social Security payments be garnished?

No, all SS benefits are exempt from creditor garnishment. They are not exempt from garnishment by the IRS for tax arrearages and in some instances state tax arrearages. Gener

How long can you receive Social Security payments?

Retirement Benefits Once you qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, you will receive compensation until you die unless you're younger than SSA's full retirement age

Are taxes withheld from social security payments?

Taxes are withheld only upon request. Contact the Social Security Administration if you want taxes withheld. Remember that withholding has nothing to do with whether you nee

Who do you call if your social security payment is not what it is supposed to be?

You should contact the social security administration for some assistance with this matter. The below contact information come from the SSA gov website SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT

How are Social Security Disability payments different from Social Security payments?

  Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is financed with Social Security taxes paid by workers, employers, and self-employed persons. To be eligible for a Social Sec

What is the average payment on social security disability payments?

The average for October, 2012 was $1,111.09. Payments are based on the disabled individual's work history (in essence, how much they've paid into the social security system).

How much will your Social Security payment be when you retire?

Every year, I get a statement... the total monthly draw will depend on how much you've earned over the total life of your work history. At least, that's how it currently works

Are social security disability payments taxable?

The general rule of thumb is no, SSDI or SSI are not taxable provided they are the only source of income for an individual or family, however if an individual or family receiv

What was the increase in Social Security payments in 2009 according to the Cost of Living adjustment for that year?

The Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for Social Security, based on  the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage  Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W)