Can a 17-year-old girl sign an apartment lease in the state of Washington without emancipation?

Answer No, she cannot. She must be 18 or emancipated.
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How can a 17 year old Emancipated Girl get a credit Card?

  I am a 17yr old girl that has been emancipated and have run in to this question myself. I have found that most banks cannot issue a credit card to a minor, emancipated o (MORE)

Weekly Apartment Rentals in NYC

Weekly apartment rentals in New York City were banned in mid-2011, but it's still possible to find a short-term rental if you know where and how to look. It's still legal to r (MORE)

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How do you sign a lease for an apartment when paying rent with financial aid?

Many colleges have apartments, commonly known as off-campus student housing, where this is possible. Students often pay by the semester. If you are renting a regular apartment (MORE)

If you are 17 and emotionally abused can you move out without being emancipated in the state of Pennsylvania?

    Get help, no one can handle this alone       A school guidance counselor, minister or social worker will not only answer that question, they can give (MORE)

Can you negotiate apartment rent price adjustment after signing lease?

      While hardly polite, it can certainly be done. You'll be in a worse bargaining position however.     See (MORE)

Renting an Apartment in New York

Real estate moves at the speed of light in New York City ; the search for an apartment is stressful, especially if you aren't familiar with the process. The market in NYC is a (MORE)
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7 Ways to Get Ripped Off When Renting an Apartment

If you ever find yourself screaming "I'll take it" halfway through the tour of the first apartment you see, you are probably going to end up spending a year in a place you don (MORE)