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Can a 17-year-old girl sign an apartment lease in the state of Washington without emancipation?

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No, she cannot. She must be 18 or emancipated.
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If you are 17 and emotionally abused can you move out without being emancipated in the state of Pennsylvania?

    Get help, no one can handle this alone       A school guidance counselor, minister or social worker will not only answer that question, they can give

Does co-signing apartment lease affect credit score?

Anytime you co-sign anything with anyone your credit is just as much affected by it as their credit is. The reason we co-sign is because the person you cosigned for did not ha

How do you sign a lease for an apartment when paying rent with financial aid?

Many colleges have apartments, commonly known as off-campus student housing, where this is possible. Students often pay by the semester. If you are renting a regular apartment

If you sign an apartment lease as a cosigner and you will not be living at the apartment will this show up on your credit report?

So long as your apartment is paid and current, such leases will not appear on your credit report. However, should you or the person you are guaranteeing become delinquent, the

Can a child emancipate himself in Washington state?

A child may not emancipate themselves simply by making a statement. The courts in Washington State will ultimately be the deciding factor. If you are a child under the age of

How much time after signing an apartment leases do you have if you want to cancel?

After the lease is signed it is final. No magic erasers.    Added: There is no "right to cancel" period. If you wish to  withdraw from the contract you may have to pay

Can a seventeen year old girl in North Carolina move out without becoming emancipated?

  The short answer: Yes The long answer: A person can move out of the parental dwelling as of their 16th birthday...but there are requirements. The teen must be living i