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Can a 17-year-old girl sign an apartment lease in the state of Washington without emancipation?

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No, she cannot. She must be 18 or emancipated.
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Can a 17 year old lease an apartment in the state of Georgia?

  No, you cannot legally sign any Contracts or Leases until the age of majority, which is 18. Strangely, you can leave home at 17 (which is the age when you can go to adul

Can you rent an apartment without a lease?

Yes, but it's a lot harder to push the landlord to do repairs, or if they have a complaint against you when you move out. As they say, it's always better to get it in writing.

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Can you cancel a signed apartment lease renewal?

If it is signed by both parties it is a binding contract. The lessee can cancel, but may be subject to cancellation fees. The landlord can cancel if the tenant has broken the

Can you landlord have you sign a lease and then say you did not get the apartment?

  No. A lease is a legally binding contract, which obligates both the landlord and tenant to a tenancy for the term of the lease. If you and the landlord both signed a lea

Can a 17 year old in Virginia get emancipated so she can sign a lease in California?

This question is more complicated than it might seem. First, yes, a seventeen year old can be emaciated in Virginia, the process and requirements and effects being governed
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