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Can a 22-year-old guy get in trouble in Texas for getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant?

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According to Texas Penal Code, Chapter 22, that would be sexual assault of child, which is Texas' version of statutory rape. If charged, the 22-year-old would go to jail, bail would be set in the thousands of dollars, and even more expensive legal representation would become necessary. If convicted, although not officially a death penalty, such a charge can very easily result in death in prison at the hands of the inmates, not to mention actual rape and assault. Even if the convicted man serves his time (likely several years) he will be a registered sex offender thereafter. If he gets out on probation, that is also very expensive, and several rights, such as the rights to vote and bear arms, will be denied him thereafter. It will also be more difficult to get a job.

Texas is a state with extremely harsh penalties for consensual sexual relations with adolescents, especially when compared with other places. For example, in Canada the age of consent is 16. In most of Europe the age of consent is 14-16. In many other U. S. states the age of consent is also lower than in Texas. However, the age of consent in California is 18, surprisingly.
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