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Can a 90 year old woman still have sex?

She can if she's healthy. If she has heart problems or other types of health issues, she should consult her doctor to find out if the health issues would make having sex unwise.
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One minute you're portraying a mysterious teen on "Pretty Little Liars" and the next you're an NYPD officer on "Blue Bloods." Has it been difficult transitioning between roles?

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Can a young woman 22 years old be going through pre-mature menopause and still get her period?

It's unusual but not unheard of to be going through peri-menopause at that age. Peri-menopause is a lessening of the number of periods you get until you finally cease menstrua (MORE)

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Can a 30 year old woman be friends with a 20 year old woman or is that awkward?

Yes, a 30 year old woman can be good friends with a 20 year old woman if that 20 year old is mature. No matter what the age of a person it is wise to have an array of ages for (MORE)

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Which Presidents lived to be 90 years old?

Gerald Ford lived for 93 years and 165 days, Ronald Reagan lived for 93 years and 120 days. John Adams lived for 90 years and 247 days, Herbert Hoover lived for 90 years an (MORE)