Can a 94 corolla 1.6L interchange with A 96 corlla 1.8L?

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Not without changing an unreasonable amount of other parts.
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How do you replace the water pump on a 1985 Toyota Corolla FWD 1.6L?

this is actually far a 1986 corolla with 1.6 lt engine and FWD 1.drain radiator,(open radiator plug), remove aircleaner unit and disconnect all vacuum hoses that go with it (remember where they came from). 2. remove the top radiator hose.(loosen the 4 water pump pulley bolts do not remove them j (MORE)

How do you get the stereo out of a '94 Corolla?

There are 2 screw in the middle of central panel. Just above the cigarrete lighter.. After remove screws get all controllers handles out ( just give them a little pull), a/c button come out in one piece, ashtray, cigarrete thing, etc.. Now you have the panel divided in two pieces. Pop out to botto (MORE)

How do you replace a horn on a '94 corolla?

To replace the horn on a 94 Toyota Corolla, you will need to removethe horn pad from the steering wheel. Once all screws have beenloosened, you can lift the pad and replace the inner button, thenjust put the horn pad back on.

Is a 1994 Chevy Prizm with the 8th VIN number 6 a 1.6L or 1.8L?

Answer . \nYour car is a Geo Prizm and not a Chevrolet. It is in reality a re-badged Toyota Corolla, built in California at the NUMMI plant. The 1.8 engine was only available in 1994 on the LSI as an option. The base car had only the 1.6. Under the hood you should find a placard with the engine (MORE)

Is a 4A-GE 1.6L engine fit to a 1996 corolla with 2E 1.3L engine?

Of course yes! it will fit in, but some things you must consider, 4AGE is basically an EFI engine meaning you have to configure the wiring digram for its ECU unless if you want to change it into a carb type, you may have to check the engine support and last thing is dont forget to include a transmis (MORE)

Common 96 Nissan sentra 1.6L oil leak?

Oil leaks? Yes! I "own" three Sentra 200SX with 1.6L engines. Two 1995 SE and one 96. I am presently fixing the oil leaks on the 96. I did the other two last summer. The Nissan 1.6L engines used in the Sentra models develop oil leaks in these places over time. That includes the 200SX with the 1.6L. (MORE)

What type of antifreeze does a 96 corolla take?

For most non-extreme climates regular 50/50 antifreeze. For colder than average climates(negative zero temps) use a more concentrated mix. Also it is wise to do a complete flush of the cooling system every one to two years.

How do you replace a fuel filter on a 94 corolla?

Open the hood , look to the right, to the back,. just to the left of the master cylinder, in the fuel line.. relieve pressure on fuel line first. To reduce fire risk when you take off the filter.

Are 95 and 96 Ford Explorer engines interchangeable?

When I checked for a remanufactured 4.0 L OHV engine for. a 1995 Ford Explorer , it listed the engine as having 6 applications :. 1995 - 1996 Explorer. 1995 -1996 Ranger pickup. 1995 -1996 Mazda truck - all models

Does have a radio diogram for 94 corolla?

In a 1994 Corolla, the radio battery constant 12v+ wire isblue/yellow, the radio accessory switched 12v+ wire is gray, theground wire is brown, and the illumination wire is green. For thefront speakers, the left front speaker wire (+) is pink, the leftfront speaker wire (-) is violet, the right fron (MORE)

How do I replace or install a starter on a 1997 Toyota Corolla 1.6L Automatic?

The answer is with difficulty, but this is how, remove the battery unplug the push in connector on the side of the air filter box, remove the top cover of the air filter, undo the three bolts holding the air filter box to the inner wing, remove the ducting to the filter box, unplug the sensor on the (MORE)

How do you manually align 94 Toyota Corolla?

If you mean the wheel alignment, you have almost no chance to do it manually without special tools. In car services they use lasers to align wheels. If you have such precision in your hands then you can to that, if you don't. You have to bring the car to your mechanic.

What is the average of 92 96 and 94?

To find the average of a set of numbers: 1. sum up the numbers 92 + 96 + 94 = 282 2. divide the sum by the total number of numbers in the set 282 / 3 = 94 94 is the average.

Is a 94 Ford Probe interchangeable with a 97 Ford Probe?

Yes. body parts, interior parts and most motor componets are interchangeable. However, the 94 Probe is an OBD-I and the 97 Probe is an OBD-II so there are additional sensors on the 97 Probe to consider if swapping motors/wire harnesses, etc.