Can a baby show all the physical characteristics of Down syndrome but yet not have it or any other syndrome?

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What are the physical characteristics of a person with Down syndrome?

Children with Down syndrome have a slightly flattened face with upward, slanting eyes. They are usually of less than average height. Their necks are often straighter and wider

How can you tell if you will have a baby with Down syndrome?

Well, first, if your already pregnant, you can get a test and they will be able to tell you if you have a child with Down Syndrome or not. But, if you just gave birth to the b

When can a baby develop Down syndrome?

Down Syndrome is present at birth, since it is the result of a genetic condition. It is merely a matter of your doctors recognizing it. In some children it is harder to recogn

Are there any ways to prevent bearing a baby with Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is an abnormality that occurs within a persons chromosomes. Sperm and eggs both have 23 chromosomes each. When combined to make a baby the new entity has 46 chro

Does Down syndrome affect you physically?

Yes it does, it affects the facial structures. In addition those who have down syndrome will have short necks, short arms, short legs, short toes, short fingers, and their joi

Is there any syndrome that is similar to Down syndrome?

No, there is not. Down syndrome is unique in its characteristics and scientific identification. 2nd Answer: Sort of . . . there are other 'mistakes' that occur for the same

Why is Down syndrome physical?

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that not only affects the brain but also affects physical appearance because of the genes affected by the disease. Sorry I don't know how

Can a child have Down syndrome without displaying physical characteristics of the syndrome?

Who really cares if a child looks normal or not!? God created us all the same, and we shouldn't treat each other differently just because we have a little disability! Calling

What are the physical characteristics of Waardenburg syndrome?

First few people with Waardenburg syndrome have all the physical characteristics. That being said, the physical characteristics can include brilliantly blue or green eyes, u
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Will two people with Down syndrome have a Down syndrome baby?

It is very unlikely that two people with Down Syndrome are able to conceive. Most males with Down Syndrome are infertile, with only 3 recorded instances of a down syndrome
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Can blacks have down syndrome babies?

No they have a specific gene that gives them immunity to this. It is now being reasearched also Asians have a very low rate of this occurence.
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How common is Down Syndrome in babies?

Down Syndrome is relatively common in babies. Research shows that approximately 1 in 830 newborns are affected. It is one of the most common birth defects.