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Can a baby survive at 21 weeks?

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Yes, The earliest baby to be born was 21 week 5 days
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Can a baby survive at 32 weeks?

At 32 weeks a baby would generally survive, however may need to be in an incubator for a while and have some help breathing

Can a baby survive at 26 weeks?

  They can do, it is around the borderline. The baby will spend a very long time in the neonatal intensive care unit and usually will have to have support with breathing s

Could a 21 week old survive?

  One such survival has been reported. But it is so rare that it can almost be considered a miracle.

Can the baby survive at 27 weeks?

  My son was born at 23 1/2 weeks. They gave him less than a 10% chance to make it. He weighed 1 lb 6 1/2 oz. Now he is 6 years old, as smart as a whip and very healthy. S

What is does the average baby weigh at 21 weeks?

  The baby will weigh about 10-11 ounces and is about 7 inches long! By 21 weeks the baby's facial features are fully formed, hair is growing and can even suck his/her thu

Can a baby live at 21 weeks?

Babies born at 22 weeks have 9,1% chance to live long enough to be discharged from hospital so there's a tiny chance but not much.

Can a baby survive at 37 weeks?

Absolutely! If a baby is born at just 38 weeks, its considered full term. A baby born at 37 weeks should be just fine! From about 26 weeks can a baby survive. I have already