Can a black person be 100 percent English?

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What is 'black person' when translated from English to Italian?

Persona di pelle nera is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "black person." The feminine singular noun, preposition, feminine singular noun, and feminine singular ad

Is black Expo marker 100 percent black?

i dont think so. to make black you need primary colors...etc. but who knows. i dont think so. when it starts to dry out you can see some green. some blue too. but you dont alw

Can a person drink 100 percent of alcohol?

One problem is that only laboratories have 100% ethanol; it quickly self-dillutes upon exposure to air and is no longer 100% alcohol. Even so, it is extremely dangerous and p
In Raven Symone

Is Raven Symone 100 percent Black?

She refuses to self-identify as either African-American or gay , but as an " American " and as a " human who loves humans."