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Can a car be titled in your name but put on someones elses auto insurance?

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No Answer yes. the titled owner should be listed as an aditional insured.
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How do you get insurance for someone else on a car whose title is in your name?

Just go to your agent and tell him that the other person will be driving your car, either regularly or occassionally. If it is a member of your household (including live-in b

How do you put a lien on a car that has a loan in your name but is titled to someone else?

File suit in the appropriate state court in the county in which registered owner resides. If a judgment is granted it can be executed as a lien against the vehicle according t

Can you register and insure a car that is titled to someone else?

1. "NO" You can not register a vehicle that does not belong to you. 2. Although you can get liability insurance to drive the vehicle, you can not legally get full coverge on

Can you get auto insurance on a car if your name isn't on the title?

No. You need to have an insurable interest in the vehicle. (Rough) Example: If you could be the insured party on any car you didn't own, you could claim that car was written

Can I get insurance on an automobile if the title is in someone elses name?

  Usually yes, unless there is some specific reason why not. as long as the car is legally owned and registered to someone. If the driver doesn't have a license, has a mot

If someone else buys a car under your name because they don't have a license and both the title and insurance are in your name can you legally take the car from them?

If the title is in your name, it is your car. A title is the ownership document for a car as the deed is for a home.   -----------------------------------------   Unfort

Who insures car titled in some elses name?

You must have a financial (insurable) interest in a car in order to insure it. It works the same way with home insurance. You must own the home in order to insure it. Thus, wh

Can you get insurance in your name with someone else on the title?

No. You cannot insure something that you do not own. If you purchase insurance on a vehicle that you have no interest in the insurance company cannot pay you for any damage be

Can you insure a car titled to someone else?

All property insurance coverage (auto, home, etc.) require "insurable interest" as one of the essential conditions for issuing a policy. Insurable interest simply means that y