Can the car insurance be in your parents' name?

Yes, It can be in your parents name if you are still a minor, a dependent or are still a household resident So long as "YOU" are also a scheduled driver on the parents policy. (MORE)

Can you insure a car whose title is under your parents name and then change the name on the insurance to yours if they transfer the title to you?

Probably a state law issue. We have one car where the insurance is ion my wife's name and the car is in my name and nobody ever said anything. I would guess that in some state (MORE)

Is it possible to have a car in your name and have it under your parents insurance plan with you as a driver with out the car being owned by your parents?

If you are in the UK, then yes, this is fine.. A few years ago this used to work out cheaper for getting an insurance quote, but the insurance companies have caught onto this (MORE)

Can you insure two car under your name?

Sure. There is no problem as long as you own both vehicles and list all household members and any other drivers on the application. Be very careful here, because if you do not (MORE)