Can a car rental company legally check your credit?

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No, car rental companies do not have the legal right to check your credit without your explicit "written" consent. They can only charge to your credit card. They also have no right to do a background check.

That said, many car rental companies will provide you with a form for you to sign, giving them written consent to check your credit history, especially if you are not from the agency's local area.
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If an individual is negotiating with the insurance company regarding a totaled car should they provide a rental car until the check is paid?

No, the insurance carrier would not be "required" to pay for a rental until you finished the settlement. There are several reasons behind this, the biggest being that every person involved in an accident -- regardless of fault -- has a duty to mitigate (or lessen) the damages. If the insurance carri (MORE)

How do you start a rental car company?

The two most important things you need to start a car rental is:. 1. Cars 2. Insurance. The insurance for car rental is far higher than the standard insurance, so get pricing from various companies.. Hire a car yourself to understand the process, and use the rental contract that you get from th (MORE)

Why do car rental companies sell their cars?

Answer . What I heard is that they don't want to deal with cars older than 3-4 years because they'll have to pay for repairs. Therefore, the only way to always have new cars is to sell the old ones. . Rental companies must circulate 1-2 years to keep current with what the manufactures make. All (MORE)

What is the best car rental company?

I don't think there is any One best car company. I think thebest car rental company is the company that gives you the bestrate, on the vehicle that you want for that particular rental.Here's an idea of how to find the best car rental rate. Go to abooking site, like Carzonrent, kayak,Bus moves an (MORE)

Where do rental companies sell their cars?

Rental companies sometimes sell their cars to auctions. But, many of the rental companies have jumped on the bandwagon and sell them online and different locations. I do know Thrifty, Enterprise, Budget have a link on their website for car sales..

Where rental car companies buy their cars from?

Rental car companies buy their fleets brand new from the manufacturer, usually as a pre-order. Usually they are only kept for a year or so before being removed from the fleet. Most used rental cars are sold on the used car market, either directly (such as Enterprise Car Sales), or to car dealerships (MORE)

How do you contact a rental company to buy a rental car?

Before search keyword (Car Rental Company ) in Google or any Search engine. after select any one site and got a phone no or E-mail id and then contact Car rental company or Care rental Agency. ok this is a very simple. you can do this defiantly ok my Dear i hope this information like your. ok bye

What car rental company is the best?

This is just a matter of personal opinion. Here is a sample checklist when you are looking for car rentalcompanies: 1. Do a background check on the company. How longhave they been operating? Do they have a corporate office or didyou pick up the car at some nameless neighborhood? 2. Check their (MORE)

The largest car rental company?

There are many carhire companies that offer long term car hire contracts e.g. 6month car rental or 12 or may be more than that. It totallydepends upon the purpose of hiring a car and you of course.

Do you need a credit card for a car rental?

No. You can give it to them in cash! Who wouldn't take 10,000 dollars in cash? Answer: Credit cards are required to rent cars from most agencies because the renter is on the hook for the whole value of the car (through the credit card) if it is totaled or stolen. Even a damaged car might require (MORE)

Which rental car companies rent hybrids?

I work for Enterprise and I have seen the Prius in our fleet, along with the Altima hybrid, the Civic hybrid, the Kia Optima hybrid, and the Ford Escape hybrid. National and Alamo are owned by Enterprise, so they may also have hybrids in their fleets. The Nissan Leaf is being tried at some airpor (MORE)

What is the best UK car rental company?

Cheap car hire located in the United Kingdom might be the best UK car rental company, some others would be, Auto Europe, and Avis Car Rental company which are also some of the best UK car rental companies.

Is Enterprise car rental a good company?

"Enterprise Car Rental is a medium well rated company that provides rental services. While Enterprise is not the highest rated car rental company, it is not the least, and many say that it is just right for its price range."

What company has cheap car rentals?

There are a bunch of different car company's that have cheap rentals. Certain company's like Hertz or Avis are the cheapest out there. The buyer can just go on the internet and access different company's prices and compare them.

Where do rental companies sale their cars?

I know that Enterprise keeps the top 5% of their vehicles for direct resale at Enterprise Car Sales locations (there is also a website where you can search for particular cars across the nation). I cannot speak for other agencies, but in general fleet cars are auctioned and wind up at various use (MORE)

What company does a free credit check?

There are numerous companies with that system under their control. A notable company that commonly broadcast this system is Free Credit Report (website) and many banks may offer this for free.

Which car rental companies have locations in Phoenix?

All the usual companies have offices for car rental in Phoenix, Arizona, including Thrifty, Enterprise, and Budget. Many are located at the airport for convenience. To find the cheapest option consult a comparison website such as Expedia or CarRentals.

What companies offer rental car in Spain?

Europcar offers rental cars in Spain. Sixt is another company in Spain that offers rental cars. Car Hire is another company that offers rental cars. Car Hire has many locations near airports for travelers to rent cars.

What car rental companies offer exotic car rental?

Car rental companies such as Enterprise, Avis, and Budget offer exotic car rentals. If an exotic car is the renter's vehicle of choice, it would be best to call the car rental office to see what types of exotic vehicles are available for rent.

What companies have car rental services at LAX?

There are roughly 40 rental car companies that operate out of LAX. Even though these companies' rental sites will not be located at the airport, many of these companies have phone links near the baggage claims for customers to call. They will usually come to the airport with your rental for you. Som (MORE)

What car rental companies operate in Mauritius?

There are several car rental companies that operate in Mauritius. Afew of these companies include Hertz, Europcar,OLA Mauritius CarRental, Pingouin Car Rental, Maki Car Rental, and DH Car Rental.

Where is the Hotwire Car Rental company based?

Hotwire is a clearing house for cheap car rentals. They have a relationship with several different car rental companies such as Hertz and Enterprise. The Hotwire company is based in San Francisco, California.

Which car rental companies operate in Brisbane?

Hertz is an online car rental company that operates in Brisbane. Abel also offers online car rental in Brisbane. Other car rental companies include Avis, Thrifty and Gateway Auto Rentals.

What companies offer car rentals in Rome?

The companies that offer car rentals in Rome are Easy Terra and Rome Rentals. These are the best car rental companies in Rome. The pricing for rentals are cheap too.

What companies offer car rentals in Spain?

Companies offering car rentals in Spain include Eurocar, Hertz, Goldcar and Centauro. Most cities in Spain also have small, local car rental companies available in the area as well. You can inquire about these at the airport or local travel agencies if you need assistance in locating a service.

What car rental companies are in Colorado?

The car rentals companies in Colorado are Avis, Rental Cars, Economy Car Rentals, Fly Denver, Kayak and E-Z Rent A Car. Many of these companies are global businesses and may have many branches available in different city's.

How do you become a rental car company?

If you want to open a car rentals company then you foremost you need a wide collection cars that should be in good condition. Then you can register your self as a car rentals company. You can also use a website to represent your business online to get more leads because these days technology is gr (MORE)