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A CB radio is a two-way radio. The radio transmits directly to another radio, and receives transmissions directly from other radios, and it's all done on the same frequency. While this is often erroneously referred to as simplex transmission, it is actually what's know as half duplex transmission.

CB radios can only communicate with other radios which are on the same bandwidth. Hence, the receiving radio must also be a CB radio. There are base station, permanent mobile mount, and handheld CB radios available. They cannot communicate with 10/15/2 metre etc. ham radios, they cannot communicate with FRS, GMRS, etc. radios - they can only communicate with other CB radios.
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A CB radio is a wireless transceiver that operates on the frequency band called Citizen Band, CB. This band has been reserved for the public. In some countries license is requ

Compare CB radio and VHF radio?

VHF is the radio range of 30 to 300 MHz. CB radio falls into HF (High Frequency), with all frequencies used being under 30 MHz. Frequencies under 30 MHz will hit the ionospher

Does CB radio can communicate with two way radio?

CB radio is a two-way radio. They can communicate only with radios which use CB frequencies - they can't communicate with Business Radio, Family Radio Service,, Ham, General M

Why was the CB radio invented?

For communication . +++ More specifically, because that first answer applies to a vastfield or means of communicating, as a means for private individualsin fairly compact gr

How can you make a cb radio?

Technically, we're forced to evade the question, for the following reasons: -- A complete answer can't be presented without any pictures or drawings. -- A complete answe

Where to get cheap CB radios?

Ebay, Craigslist.. it kinda depends on what exactly you're looking for, but you'll find them on both of those websites.

Can a cobra CB radio talk to a Motorola CB radio?

If the Motorola were actually a CB radio, it would be able to - the brand name doesn't matter, they all transmit on the same frequencies. However, Motorola does not manufactur

What radio frequencies are used in CB radios?

There are 40 CB channels defined in roughly the band between 27 and 28 MHz, and another few somewhere near 49 MHz. . UK is 27MHz FM (not on US channel spot frequencies) and 9

How does a linear for a cb radio work?

Transmitting over four watts on a CB radio is actually illegal, thus, using a linear amp on a CB is illegal, as well. A linear amp attached to a radio (for argument's sake,

How far do CB radios transmit?

For a walkie talkie, you can expect one to two miles. For a mobile unit, two to five miles with a barefoot radio is typical. A base station using a full wave (11 metre) antenn
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Why are the initials 'CB' in CB radios used?

CB stands for Citizen's Band , which is a band (11Meters) on the radio spectrum dedicated to use by the general public who are forbidden by law from radio transmission elsewhe