Can a child who was born in the US live with his parent outside of the country?

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It is legal for a child born in the United States to live with a parent outside of the country. Both parents usually have to agree, however.
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If a child lives in another country with his parent but the child is a US citizen and is being physically abused by the mother can he travel to New York and start emancipation proceedings?

Answer . The rules and requirements for emancipation vary from state to state. One of the requirements to file for emancipation is to be a resident of that state. Those states that do allow emancipation usually take the home situation in to consideration. Given the situation, contact child ca (MORE)

When can a child choose which parent to live with?

Child plans are a combination of two things, insurance andinvestments. These plans insure the life of the parent with most ofthem having inbuilt waiver of premium benefit which means, thatafter death of the life assured, the premiums will not be payableanymore but the benefits of the plan will conti (MORE)

If illegal immigrants have a child born in the US are the parents also citizens of the US?

No. Having a child in the United States does NOT affect the parent's immigration status. Once the child is 21, that child can petition for the parent to be given a green card, but the mere fact of an illegal having children who are US citizens does not confer any change in immigration status for (MORE)

What nationality would a child be who is born in United Kingdom of married US parents who are temporarily living and working in the United Kingdom?

If they are only temporarily living in the UK, the child would be considered a foreigner by the British, but probably wouldn't become an American until the US birth documentations were filled out. Answer. I would have thought the lucky child would have dual nationality as the birth would have to be (MORE)

Can a child choose which parent to live with?

The courts decide custody issues, and they do so on the basis of what they believe to be in the best interest of the child. If the child has an opinion about what is in his or her own best interest, he or she can certainly say so to the court.

If baby is born outside of the US and one of the parents is a US citizen doesn't the child automatically have US citizenship?

Answer . No, they were not born in the U.S.. Answer . The United States Constitution requires that Presidents (and Vice Presidents) of the United States be natural-born citizens of the United States. While it is undisputed that people born in the US are qualified to hold the office of Presi (MORE)

What are the rights of a US child born outside of country?

In general a the country in which a child is born is considered its place of birth so a US child can not be born outside of the US. If you are a US citizen but your child is born while you are on a trip to Canada your child will be a Canadian Citizan.

If a child is born on US soil to non-US parents can it get US Citizenship automatically?

yes, the child is considered a US citizen.. The U.S. 14th amendment states. Quote " Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce (MORE)

Is the child a US citizen if born to US citizen while traveling outside the US?

Yes, but you should apply for a "registration of birth abroad" at the nearest US mission. Also when you get citizenship through parents you need to apply for the citizenship certificate.For this the immigration Form N-600 should be filed. If your parents were US citizens but you were not born in t (MORE)

What age can a child be to choose what parent they want to live with in the us?

Only Indiana and Texas has laws setting out a specific age at which a child can make a choice the court is required to abide by, and even than there are some limitations. With those states, it is age 14. In all other states, the general rule of thumb is that a 12 year old can express and opinion (MORE)

How do you claim child support if the other parent lives in another country?

This is actually a highly difficult situation to be in, because different countries will have different laws regarding child support (i.e., when you get it, how much, if they even grant it at all). If you say lived in England and you wanted to be offered child support from your counterpart that live (MORE)

What presidents had a parent born outside the US?

Both of Andrew Jackson' s parents were born in northern Ireland Chester Alan Arthur 's father was born in northern Ireland. Woodrow Wilson 's mother was born in England. Barack Obama 's father was born in Kenya but he was a student in the US and not an immigrant. The other foreign born presid (MORE)

Is a child born to a US citizen and foreign mother outside us a US citizen?

If both parents were US citizens and married before the birth, the the child is automatically a US citizen; birthplace is irrelevant. However, if only one parent was a US citizen at the time of the birth , it gets a little trickier. It depends on when the child was born (laws change), however since (MORE)

Can I obtain a child support order against a parent in Mexico if I'm living in the US?

Actually, she (he) can go directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SECRETARIA DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES Departamento de Protección) and request it or to any DELEGACION DE PASAPORTES or to any Consulado de Mexico (Mexican consulate) in the US. You may also be able to obtain assistance at your (MORE)

How do parent of child labor live?

Parents of child labour are mostly very poor and depend on the money of their child. They are mostly from very backward class and live in extreme poverty.

If both parents are US citizens born in the US and they have a child and it is born in anothe country can theis oersin run for president?

The consensus of 21st-century constitutional legalist usingrelevant case law, is that "natural born" comprises all people bornsubject to the jurisdiction of the United States, including,generally, those born in the United States, those born to U.S.citizen parents in foreign countries, and those born (MORE)