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Can a condom burst?

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yes, but some brands of condoms are laced with spermicide (sperm-killer) and can still prevent pregnancy
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What do you do with condoms?

It is a tool for birth-control and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. It is also used to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Please see the related question for more in

What burst out of volcano?

The stuff that bursts out volcanoes is lava. Although lava is is from the outside, there is magma.Magma is a type of super hot, molten rock that is found inside of a volcano w

Can a burst condom cause yeast infection?

No that would be unlikely. It would happen only if your partner is infected with the yeast infection then this way they could pass it on to you.

Can your aorta burst?

Yes it can & may lead to a thoracic anerusm or abdominal anerusm. Pradnya

What is a condom?

A condom is a contraceptive device that is used to prevent either  pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).    There are condoms for both males

What is a condome?

a condom is almost like a balloon that guys put on their penis so you are prevented from getting pregnant

What is a burst appendix?

It is when the appendix is inflammed and bursts, when it burst the appendix poisen spread throughout the body killing every cell in your body, and you eventually die.

What is the opposite of burst?

the opposite of burst is trickle

Why does an appendix burst?

Bits of fecal matter from the large intestine entire the appendix. After some time, the fecal matter collects, can't get out, and develops and irritating nidus. Your body deve

What is bursting of monsoon?

it is thesudden violent lol [onset] of rain fallin the first weekof june

What is a dam burst?

A Dam Burst is when a dam is burst open due to natural causes, i. e. tornado, hurricane, rain flood, lightning.

How do pens burst?

they get warm, and just like a thermometer, the ink runs up and out

What is the bursting strength?

Bursting strength tells how much pressure paper can tolerate before rupture. It is important for bag paper.Bursting strength is measured as the maximum hydrostatic pressure re
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How does your appendix burst?

When you have Appendicitis your appendix gets inflamed. If you  don't get it treated it will continue to swell and burst. If you  don't get to doctor after your appendix bur
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Why balloon can burst?

there two reasons for it .1st ,it burst because of heat or heat produced by sun.2nd air has become more at time of blowing .