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Can a condom burst?

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yes, but some brands of condoms are laced with spermicide (sperm-killer) and can still prevent pregnancy
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What a condom?

Something that covers your erect penis.Used it for birth  control/contraception. Roll it onto the penis carefully, pinching  the tip of the condom so that there is no space

What do you do with condoms?

It is a tool for birth-control and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. It is also used to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Please see the related question for more in

Can a burst condom cause yeast infection?

No that would be unlikely. It would happen only if your partner is infected with the yeast infection then this way they could pass it on to you.

Can you burst a testicle?

It's possible, though not very likely. Testicles are resilient little things, thanks to their round shape -- when they get struck or crushed, they usually manage to squirm out

What is a condom?

A condom is a contraceptive device that is used to prevent eitherpregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).There are condoms for both males and females.

What does a condom do?

It prevents a woman from becoming pregnant and helps stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.   to have safe sex without getting a baby during sexual intercourse

What is a condome?

a condom is almost like a balloon that guys put on their penis so you are prevented from getting pregnant

What are condomes for?

  there are to not get pregnant n not to have sperm

What do you do with condom?

Hello, Einstein here, and I'd be glad to solve your problem even though I am a virgin. I've done much research regarding this topic, and I do say, it looks quite enjoyable. Wh

How do you get a condom out?

You reach in there with your two longest fingers and start fishing. Or you get your boy friend to do it, after all he lost it.
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How can your eardrum burst?

Your eardrum can burst very easily. When I was 2 years old, I had to get tubes in my ear cause I used to get ear infections like crazy. A tube in my left ear clogged up and my
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Do seromas burst?

Yes, seromas can burst. It happened to me.

What is a burst eardrum?

A burst eardrum is when the thin flap of skin in your ear leading towards your cochlea vibrates too much and tears. This causes the liquid from your cochlea to flow out of you