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Can a convicted felon obtain a driver's license?

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Yes. Unless, of course, the offense for which he was convicted was driving related and his license was revoked AND no driving is a condition of his release.
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Can a convicted felon obtain a passport?

Yes you can, BUT... If you were convicted of a federal or state drug felony, and used the passport to cross an international boundary or some other way to further the offense.

Can convicted felons obtain a passport?

I've scoured the internet searching for an answer to this exact question. I'm not an expert, but it seems that a convicted felon CAN get a passport. Case in point, I know of a

Can convicted felon get cdl license?

A convicted felon can get a CDL (but they can't get a hazmat endorsement). However, they would be best advised to ensure that they've found employers who would be willing to h

Can a convicted felon obtain a gun?

No, not legally. It is a FEDERAL felony offense for a convicted felon to own or possess a firearm. The United States Code, in some cases, makes the penalty for illegal possess

I am a convicted felon can I get a cdl license?

Yes Added: There is no prohibition in the law to your getting one. The felony conviction, however, will prevent you from being able to obtain a hazardous materials endorse

Can a convicted felon obtain a liquor license in Illinois?

yes you can but you"ll have to appear in front of your city's liquor commission and the il state liquor commission and attest to your rehabiliation. needless to say it'd be he