Can a convicted felon obtain a driver's license?

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Yes. Unless, of course, the offense for which he was convicted was driving related and his license was revoked AND no driving is a condition of his release.
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Can a convicted felon in Michigan obtain a real estate license?

The answer for the most part is no. In Michigan, you will not beable to get a real estate license if the nature of your crime wasfinancial in nature. The board can also reject

Can a convicted felon obtain a liquor license in Illinois?

yes you can but you"ll have to appear in front of your city's liquor commission and the il state liquor commission and attest to your rehabiliation. needless to say it'd be he

What licenses can you obtain if you are a convicted felon?

There are simply too many licensed occupations to try to list them and then, for every single state, try to determine which ones are open to convicted felons. If you have a s

Can a convicted felon obtain a real estate license?

A felony conviction generally prevents you from getting a real estate or any other type of professional license, all the license statues require you to be of "high moral chara

Can a convicted felon obtain a teaching license?

Not if that conviction resulted from drug charges, violent offenses, any crime involving use of a gun or other weapon, or a crime with a sexual component.
In Florida

Can a convicted felon get a Florida driver's license?

Florida does suspend or revoke the licenses of people convicted ofcertain crimes, but in most cases it's not permanent (thesuspension or revocation lasts for a specific period