Can a demand for payment be done by email?

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Yes. Is it legally binding? No. But I'm sure the person who is demanding the payment will likely find the appropriate channel necessary to collect payment eventually, so pay up.
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What can be done if an agreement was made by phone to pay a monthly payment by Western Union and they agreed but then demanded it in post-dated checks even though they have accepted already?

Insist that the collector/creditor stick to the original agreement. A better option refuse to render payment until you have received a written, signed agreement containing the

Can a debt collector demand payment verbaly?

Debt collectors are permitted to make verbal requests for payments and do so quite often by telephone usually in the middle of family dinner.

Did The Beatles demand silver for payment?

Not per se. Manager Brian Epstein often collected concert proceeds from promoters IN CASH, in a paper bag; income that was never reported (and thus not taxed). They were not a

What can be done about none payment of a contract?

The most direct is to take them to court for breach of contract. There are also laws about collecting of debts, particularly if there is a written agreement. You may want to c

What is an on demand payment bond?

This is a type of credit enhancement that guarantees payment of an obligation and must be paid by the enhancer on the demand of the note or bond holder.

How payment is done for an architect work?

The two most popular ways architects get paid for their services are: 1) Hourly. The hourly rate is determined by the company, the type of project, the negotiation power

How do you follow up for payment on email?

It depends if you need to pay someone or if someone needs to pay you. The question is not very clear. In any case, you simply have to present a formal sounding e-mail requesti
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