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Can a demand for payment be done by email?

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Yes. Is it legally binding? No. But I'm sure the person who is demanding the payment will likely find the appropriate channel necessary to collect payment eventually, so pay up.
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What is the first step to demand payment of a promissory note?

Go to your local courthouse and ask the Clerk of Courts if they offer a package containing instructions and the necessary forms required to initiate legal action to obtain pay

What is demand?

It is an amount consumers are willing and able to purchase at a  given price.

Can payday loan people come to your residence at 10pm at night and demand payment?

They cannot. They cannot come to your house period. They cannot even call you after 9pm or before 8am. Research the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This federal la

What is the payment?

Answer . Its the bit when you part with your money.

You have purchased a demand draft in India and has already delivered it to payee suspects fraud and want to stop payment the demand draft is it possible in India?

  Answer   Technically it should be possible as the amount has to be cleared by the issuing bank. But in India things work differently, especially with public sector

When your car is repossessed will the finance company generally allow you to make payment arrangements on the deficiency or demand payment in full?

make payment arrangements on the deficiency???? IF you mean the amount you're in DEFAULT on, NO If you mean the amount due AFTER they sell it, USUALLY NOT. Why?? You couldn't

How do you get payment?

Get payments where and whatfor? If you want to get payments as a private person they can just wire transfer the money, if you want to sell something on the internet you can