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Can a dental assistant clean your teeth?

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No a dental assistant can not clean teeth. Every state is different and some states will allow certain trained assistants to polish children's teeth but most do not.
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What is dental assistant?

Dental assistant work with dentist. He works closely with patients and provides assistance to dentist during treatment procedures. He also take the x-ray and perform office ma

What is the difference in dental assisting and dental hygienist?

Dental assistants have the primary responsibility of working with the treating dentist in all auxiliary capacities the dentist may need while performing common dental procedur

How much a dental assistant earn?

I am a Dental Assistant in a northern suburb of Atlanta and earn 23 dollars an hour but do not have health insurance, receiving periodic bonuses of 200 dollars.

What is expanded function dental assistant?

Expanded functions are specific areas that need additional training, as a dental assistant, you will learn basic skills like tool names, product names, and definitions. You wi

What is a better choice to be a certified dental assistant or a dental assistant?

It is actually the choice of being a certified dental assistant or a REGISTERED dental assistant. The difference in the two, is that if you are a CDA you have taken an exam ad

Can a dental assistant clean an adults teeth?

Dental Assistants can POLISH teeth. Dental Assistant may not use hand scalers or Ultrasonic scalers unless they are RDAs. A certified dental assistant who is also CORONAL POLI

Can dental assistants clean children's teeth?

Well, it depends on the state regulations and the training the dental assistant has gotten. If your state allows DA's to clean teeth then it is only children's teeth.

How do dental assistants get HIV from their patients?

It is possible if the assistant is within contact with blood from an individual who is infected. This is why great precautionary training is critical, and this is why eye prot

What is the difference in a dental assistant and dental hygienist?

Here are some differences.    First, their responsibilities: Dental assistants are responsible for assisting the dentist in whatever procedure he/she may be doing. Th

How much do dental assistants get paid?

I use to work as a dental assistant, I was getting paid 14.36. This is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I started out with 11.00 two years later I was at 14.36 with benefits. 11.00

Can a dental assistant clean teeth?

Each state makes individual standards of care for dental professions in the field and there are several levels of licensed dental assistants such as a DA, QDA, and CDA. All st