Can a dimple develop in later life?

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Dimples are muscle deformities in your face. When you grow, your muscles change and can get deformities too. This happened in my experience I got two dimples and I\ve never had any.
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What is dimple?

A Dimple is another word for a small dent (like dimples on a golf ball). The dimple in your cheeks are caused by a small gap beween the muscle Orbicularis Oris and part of the

Is it possible to develop ADHD later in life?

No; ADHD is a disorder that begins in early childhood due to underdevelopment in certain regions on the brain. If a person shows symptoms of ADHD later in life without any sym

Can a child develop autism later in life?

No, a child cannot develop autism later in life. Autism is aneurological difference, all autistic people are born autistic,it's impossible to develop autism.

Can you get dimples?

this works : you get a lid of a bottle coke or 7up a lid like that you made need a adult to help you open it and put it inside you check and don't swallow it and there you go
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How did you get dimples?

You can get a q-tip or something with a round end. Then you put the round end on your cheek(anywhere you want) then u just twist it in circles multiple times. You can do it da