Can a dimple develop in later life?

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Dimples are muscle deformities in your face. When you grow, your muscles change and can get deformities too. This happened in my experience I got two dimples and I\ve never had any.
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What are dimples?

only some ppl have them, but when you smile its those little dents in your cheeks

How is Ruby Bridges later life?

After spending 15 years as a travel agent, Ruby Nell Bridges Hall,shifted her attention to being a full-time parent. She formed theRuby Bridges Foundation in 1999 and is now the chairperson of theorganization. She and her husband, Malcolm, live in New Orleans andhave four children, all sons. Her adu (MORE)

What is dimple?

A Dimple is another word for a small dent (like dimples on a golf ball). The dimple in your cheeks are caused by a small gap beween the muscle Orbicularis Oris and part of the skull called the Zygomatic Arch (in the higher up dimples) or between the two muscles Orbicularis Oris and Temporalis (in th (MORE)

What did carl Benz do in his later life?

Between 1900 and 1909 he was a member of DMG's board of management and long before the merger Jellinek had resigned.. Karl Benz was a member of the new Daimler Benz board of management for the remainder of his life.

What did Christopher Columbus do later in his life?

Columbus's first profession before his journey was just being a trader but later on he became a sea captain and when he set sail in the santa maria with 50 men...actually there were two other ships too which had about 25 men each but still he set sail in the santa maria with 50 men because he liked (MORE)

How will peanuts be useful in later life?

peanuts are actually more useful than you would think. peanut oil is used for lotions and oils and are used in many many different foods. its actually really healthy, too. a guy named Dr. George washington Carver was born into slavery and so he was around peanuts alot. he found a BUNCH of things pea (MORE)

Newton had problems later in life with what?

well in the beginning of the 1800's he started to suffer with whats known today as Mercurious. This is where you get mercury develop in your system or in his case is surgically injected. Although at first it may give a sudden high, the after effects are fatal. When removing excrement (having a poo) (MORE)

Why is early development more critical than later development?

People develop in stages. The early years of 0-4 years old are the most important because that is when a child is learning to walk, talk, and think. There are more active brain cells in the first few years than any time a person's life. These are the years where the personality and values are set an (MORE)

About Charles Dickens Later Life?

John Dickens, Charles's father, died in 1861. In 1857, Dickens meets Ellen Ternan. The next year, he separated from his wife Catherine. Dickens' mother, Elizabeth, in 1863 died. In 1864, his son Walter died in India. 1865 - Dickens was involved in the Staplehurst railway accident along with Ellen Te (MORE)

What did life develop from?

i personally believe that it was created out of an empty void by a higher power that i would call God. but i understand that some people deny his existence.

What did hidalgo do later life?

there are many Hidalgo either in Spain or Mexico, there has been films of this name, a there is a city named Hidalgo...narrow your question down a bit to get a specific answer how about explain it for both Spain and Mexico because some people are doing different hidalgo??

Can you become a nun later in life?

She short answer: Yes. The specifics of a particular individual's situation actually dictates their ability to join a religious order of sisters and thus become a nun. Different Orders have guidelines and restrictions that will affect an individual's decision, and ability, to join them. For instance (MORE)

What is LeBron James later life?

I think Le Bron should live life and play basketball so her can stay very athletic and not get weak .. he should be built like he is and then he may lift weights and get alot more stronger then what he is .... but i think he should stay in shape so when he does retire and wants to play basketball wi (MORE)

Is it possible to develop ADHD later in life?

No; ADHD is a disorder that begins in early childhood due to underdevelopment in certain regions on the brain. If a person shows symptoms of ADHD later in life without any symptoms in the past, it could be another mental disorder such as an anxiety disorder, depression, or other mental health issue. (MORE)

What is the later stages of human development?

For girls it's getting breasts, developing eggs to get pregnent, and having their period. For boys their shoulders get broader{wider} and making {sperm}, also being able to get girls pregnant.

What was Marco polo's later life?

Get in to history people! Marco Polo,his father,and his father's friend left an a long trip.They visited many places.On this trip,Marco Polo discovered eye glasses,ice cream,spaghetti,and the riches of Asia.When he returned,no one believed his stories of the riches he found in Asia.Marco Polo sh (MORE)

Is school helpful later in life?

yes of course. I am 45 years old and you cannot imajine how much I have used my education. Except for Algebra. My teacher said we would use it and i never had. But School is amazing and you will regret not getting good grades...

Can you get dimples?

this works : you get a lid of a bottle coke or 7up a lid like that you made need a adult to help you open it and put it inside you check and don't swallow it and there you go check it on utube as well :)

What was the later life like for Pocahontas?

she became a christian, she moved to England for a while with her husband and son, and while in England she fell ill with a cough that got worse and worse on the way back to Virginia she died her body couldn't take the sea sickness.

Is shingles a later life of chickenpox?

Yes, shingles is a condition that appears after having chickenpox, typically years later. When you have chickenpox, the virus retreats to the spinal cord nerves, where it remains dormant for years. In 1/5 to 1/3 of people, the virus is reactivated later in life to cause shingles.

What if you are questioning your sexual identity later in life?

It could mean that you have repressed it for years. You may have done things to try to force yourself to grow into a different mindset and think you have succeeded, only to discover you only built a wall around them. If you feel this way, there are a handful of things to do to address this. You c (MORE)

Can you get astigmatism later in life?

Astigmatism means that either the cornea or the lens of the eye is not shaped properly bending light as it enters and creating multiple focal points which are seen as blurriness. Astigmatism is something you're born with. Most people, many who don't wear glasses have some astigmatism, but not eno (MORE)

Can autism develop later in life?

No,autism cannot develop later in life. Autism is a neurologicaldifference so a person is born autistic, they cannot becomeautistic later in life.

What will Cher Lloyd do later on in life?

she will become a global star of pop and hiphop with her distigtive voice, vocal abilitys, writing abilities and killer bars when she spittin those ill rhymes your girl will levitate #realtalk

Can aspergers appear later in life?

It cannot because one is born with it and there is no cure. However is a child with AS "masks" their AS and tries to act normal then they can regress into old habits later on depending on their situation.

Did leonhard euler have a later life?

Well, most of his life was earlier than his death and later than his birth. Unless you specify "later than what" the question does not make much sense.

Why does homework help you for later life?

Here's what you're learning when you do homework: . you learn about the subject you're studying so you can use thatknowledge in life . you learn how to find information . you learn how to stay focused on work, even if you don't likeit . you learn how to set a deadline and finish a task

How did you get dimples?

You can get a q-tip or something with a round end. Then you put the round end on your cheek(anywhere you want) then u just twist it in circles multiple times. You can do it daily to get better results( get a deeper dimple)

Why will exercise help you later in life?

There are dozens of physiological reasons why exercising today will help you tomorrow. For example, fitness exercise improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. As your heart gets stronger, it will pump more blood with each beat. Strength training exercise will increase muscle mass and st (MORE)

Does school help later in life?

Here's what you can use in later life from school: . Any of the knowledge you've learned, like how to add andsubtract money, what to do in an emergency, and how to communicatewith other people . You learn how to set deadlines and finish tasks on time . You learn how to look up and find informati (MORE)

What did Nikola tesla do in later life?

Nikola Tesla spent his last days as he did most of his life - working. He continued living in a hotel, however, and his closest person was his nephew, Sava Kosanovic. One would think that someone like Tesla, who has done so much for the human kind, would be reasonable enough to secure his old age. W (MORE)