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Can a doctor give you a bigger penis?

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When does your penis get bigger?

Your penis will start growing quicker when you hit Puberty. It will continue to grow all through this period and up until around 20 years of age. Your penis gets bigger when

How can you grow a bigger penis?

muscle X edge

How can you make your penis bigger by working it out?

A good penis exercise regime can help to grow your penis in a matter of only weeks. Penis push-ups are very good exercises to make your penis grow inches in length, you can co

Why do blacks have bigger penis then whites?

probably bc blacks eat more meat than whites. i think it's the same reason that whites have bigger dicks than asians: more meat in the diet.

How does the penis get bigger?

It grows along with the rest of your body while you are growing up into an adult. It naturally grows with you. In an erection, the penis fills three tubes with blood when you
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If you do exercise with your penis will make it bigger?

No, the penis itself is not a muscle and so exercising it will not change it's size. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit will improve your blood flow into
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Breaking your penis make it bigger?

Breaking the penis will not cause it to become bigger, but it is a surgical emergency. If a man breaks the compartments in his penis, if it is not corrected quickly, he can be