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Can a female doctor feel boy's penis?

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Doctors of both genders may examine a penis. Feeling, or "palpating" in medical terms, is not typically part of an exam for young children. Is it possible that you've let a friend tell you what's involved in a physical? If so, ask a trusted adult. It is very common for students to tell each other "scary" stories about what happens in school or sports physicals, and it typically has nothing to do with reality.
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Of course, just as a male doctor can example a woman's genitals. Usually the doctor will be a urologist for males and an OB/GYN for females.
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I wonder if you should call it 'feeling', it's examining and that may include palpation or if you prefer 'feeling'. But it's a part of examination and doctor is doing it professionally without any enjoyment. Why there should be any question about it?
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