Are girls attracted to a boy's penis?

Most heterosexual girls are attracted to a boy's penis, as well as most of the defining physical attributes of masculinity. While such things may first attract a girls attenti (MORE)
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Can a boy's penis go on a girl?

Yes a penis can go on a girl, with her permission. But know the consequences. If the penis gets wet and has sperm it could go inside girl and make her pregnant. Always wea (MORE)

Why does a boy's penis stick up?

I asume you mean when they get "hard" or aroused? A boy or mans penis "sticks up" because blood rushes to the penis when sexually aroused causing the penis to become stiff, lo (MORE)

How can you tell if a boy's penis big?

You Can Tell By More Than A Few Reasons. One Is That You Would See It Sticking Through His Pants. Another Is That He May Become Shy And Embarrassed All Of The Sudden, But Do N (MORE)
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How do you touch a boy's penis?

Just grab it, and feel it. And make that boy moan! ;D by beating his meat (masturbating him)

How big is the average boy's penis?

It all depends on age im 18 and when i hit puberty at the start of year 8 (age 12 from the August, 1 month before starting year 8) my penis was about 2.5-3.5 flacid (not erect (MORE)