Can a foreigner obtain legal residency in the United States by virtue of same-sex marriage to an American citizen?

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Yes. Effective June 26, 2013, the US federal government recognizes same-sex marriages, including for the purposes of immigration. An American citizen may sponsor a foreign same-sex spouse for permanent residency ("green card"), leading eventually to citizenship.
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Why is same-sex marriage not legal in the united states?

It is legal in some states (see related question below). In 1996, the duly elected members of the US House of Representatives and Senate passed the Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA") and then President Bill Clinton signed it into law. Although part of that law was ruled unconstitutional by the US Supr (MORE)

Is same-sex marriage legal in the United States?

Yes. Same-sex marriage is legal in all US states and territories effective June 26, 2015, although many states started earlier (shown with the effective dates): . Massachusetts (May 17, 2004); . Connecticut (October 10, 2008); . Iowa (April 27, 2009); . Vermont (September 1, 2009); . New Ha (MORE)

When was same-sex marriage legalized in the United States?

The first legal same-sex marriage in the United States took place in Massachusetts on May 17, 2004. Several other states have legalized same-sex marriage since then. The federal government recognizes same-sex marriage effective June 26, 2013.

Why hasn't the United States legalized same-sex marriage?

In the United States, marriage law is historically addressed by state law. Nevertheless, the federal courts may intervene to ensure that a state's marriage laws are being applied without discrimination. On June 26, 2013, the US Supreme Court ruled that Section 3 of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (MORE)

Which North American states have legalized same-sex marriage?

This is a tricky question, since Canada has provinces, not states,but Canada is itself a "state" pursuant to another meaning of theword. Mexico does have states, as does the United States. So, theofficial current answer is:. Canada . Distrito Federal, Mexico (City) . Quinatana Roo, Mexico . Coah (MORE)

Can a foreigner obtain Irish citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to an Irish citizen?

Yes. The legalization of same-sex marriage in Ireland is imminent. Following a favorable vote in the May 22, 2015 public referendum, the Constitution of Ireland has been amended to guarantee same-sex couples the right to marry. . While others must reside in Ireland for five years before becoming (MORE)

Can a foreigner obtain South African citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of South Africa?

Yes. According to the Constitution of South Africa, there may be no discrimination against people because of sexual orientation. Thus, what is true for heterosexual couples is also true for same-sex couples, in terms of marriage, adoption and immigration. In both cases, though, there is a process (MORE)

Can a foreigner obtain Israeli citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of Israel?

Yes. Although same-sex marriage cannot be performed in Israel (because of religious rules, not civil law), foreign same-sex marriages are recognized by the Israeli government. All Jews are entitled to immigrate to Israel and all spouses of Jews are entitled to naturalization as well. There is no spe (MORE)

Can a foreigner obtain French citizenship by virtue of same-sex civil pact of solidarity with a citizen of France?

That is possible. When married (in France, marriage is not permitted between same-sex partners): it is possible to obtain French citizenship after having married a French national. You must have been married for at least four years to apply, and been living permanently and lawfully in France duri (MORE)

Can a foreigner obtain Croatian citizenship by virtue of same-sex relationship with a citizen of Croatia?

Yes. Although Same-sex marriage is prohibited by Croatian law, in July 2014, the Croatian parliament legalized same-sex "life partnerships" which have all the same rights and responsibilities as marriage, with the exception of adoption rights. Between 2003 and 2014, same-sex partners were required (MORE)

Where in the northeastern United States is same-sex marriage legal?

Currently, all northeastern states permit same-sex couples to marry(in chronological order): . Massachusetts (May 17, 2004); . Connecticut (November 12, 2008); . Vermont (September 1, 2009); . New Hampshire (January 1, 2010); . New York (July 24, 2011); . Maine (November 6, 2012); . Rhode Is (MORE)

Can a foreigner obtain EU citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of Italy celebrated in a country who allows same-sex marriage such as the Netherlands?

It seems like the answer is no. You become an EU citizen when you are a citizen of an EU member. Italian citizens are all EU citizens because Italy is an EU member. You cannot obtain EU citizenship without becoming a citizen of a specific member nation of the EU. Unfortunately, you cannot apply fo (MORE)

Can a foreigner obtain French citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of France?

Same-sex marriage has just been legalized (2013) in France. It hasbeen said during the debate that a foreigner could obtain Frenchcitizenship by marrying a French national. That hasn't happenedyet. There has been one application so far (early 2014) accordingto the press, but the process of getting F (MORE)

Will same-sex marriage be legalized in the United States?

Same-sex marriage is already legal on the federal level in the United States. However, since marriage has always been controlled by state law, the legality of entering into a same-sex marriage varies from state to state. Currently, some states permit same-sex couples to marry, but most do not. The n (MORE)

Why is same-sex marriage legal in the United States?

Gay and lesbian couples want to marry the person they love, make a lifetime commitment, provide stability and protect their families. Attempts in the past to create marriage-like legal unions have failed to provide the same protections as legal marriage. Marriage provides a platform on which to buil (MORE)