Can a galvanized pipe be attached to a copper pipe?

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Yes, this happens quite often in older houses, copper pipe can be threaded; thus one can join them and there are several fittings that can be utilized.

On the other hand, copper tubing (K, L, M, and DWV) can be joined depending on which of the following application method is used:

  1. For copper tubing to galvanized water supply, one would use a dielectric nipple or union to prevent electrolytic action from taking place or dezincification of the galvanizing pipe.
  2. If these lines are for waste or venting, the Mission Rubber Company LLC has various types of couplings that can go from tubing OD to pipe OD without the dangers of mixing ferrous and nonferrous metals .
  3. For copper tubing to IPS you can solder, braze a male adapter and use the dielectric union, use a copper x galvanized dielectric union, or copper by female adapter and a dielectric nipple .
  4. If your connecting to a Durham system and the galvanized pipe has a Tucker coupling or a Kennedy tee wye, then you can use lead and oakum without the fear of mixing dissimilar metals as the lead is nonferrous metal but has no adverse effect with galvanized or copper pipes.
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Is it safe to use copper and galvanized pipes on the same fitting?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nNo, you cannot join copper and galvy directly. A brass fitting needs to be between the two to prevent electrolysis.\n. \n Answer \n. \n

Can copper and galvanized pipes be used on the same fitting?

Answer . \nYes and no. Pipes are pipes and many houses have both copper and galvinized. But copper and galvinized pipe must never come into direct contact with each other.

What is galvanized pipe?

Galvanising means that the pipe has had a coat of zinc electrically applied (galvanisation.) -This makes the steel more resistant to rust, and is very common in 'home duty' pi

Why Using a dielectric union to join galvanized and copper water supply pipes?

Dissimilar metals in contact to each other cause a Galvanic Reaction resulting in one or both metals corroding and causing a leak. A Dielectric Union separates the two metal

Can you connect galvanized pipe and copper?

Yes. Use a threaded fitting, male or female as needed on the copper and screw the galvanized into it. You must use a dielectric fitting to connect copper to galvanized pipe.

Why change galvanized to copper pipe?

Lots or reasons really. Copper does not rust, and its easier to repair if the pipe does happen to fail. Pex may be a more viable option if this is a DIY project due to cost of