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Can a girl get pregnant in a swimming pool if he is wearing undies and shorts and you are wearing a swimming suit?

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Answer- NO, Not unless you have intercourse with that person.
The concentration of chlorine is too high in the pool; the sperm wouldn't survive the chemicals and temp. of the pool. The pool water will kill the sperm.
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Can you get pregnant from swimming in the same pool?

it depends on what your ob gyne said.. you should consult them first. Would depend more on pool water temperature and chemical balance than what the Dr said. Unless pool wate

If you ejaculate in a swimming pool can it get a girl pregnant?

More than likely not due to how big the pool is and the chlorine in the water. BUT it probably depends how close you are to the girl in the pool as well. If you're both rubbin

Why do girls on swim teams wear 2 swimsuits?

they wear 2 swim suits because it slows them down in practice. the 1st suit is a normal fitted suit and the 2nd suit is a baggy loose suit called a drag suit. the drag suit cr

I have to wear pads while swimming.?

No you do not. You can wear tampons or nothing at all. The water will fill up your pad just like a diaper. No blood will come out when you are in the water. But be careful bec

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Can you get pregnant from swimming in a swimming pool?

No, you cannot get pregnant from simply swimming in a swimming pool. However, you might get pregnant if you happened to have sex in a swimming pool.

Why do surfers wear a swim suit?

Sometimes it's actually a thin wetsuit, to help them keep warm. Sometimes it's to cut down sun exposure, which is known to increase the risk of skin cancer.

When Muslims go swimming what do they wear?

i thought they just wore normal swimsuits or bikinis but then i searched on google images (coz i was curious) and apparently they wear something called a "burkini". look in

How do girls pee when wearing a bathing suit and do you do it in the pool?

> some pools have a dye that turns urine blue ... That dye does not exist. It's a story parents tell children to scare them out of peeing in the pool. Also, unless you have

Can you wear a sports bra swimming?

I don't think so coz u won't be relaxed on swimming! Well u can wear it but u won't be relaxed I guess! Up to u! Hope that help xoxoxo
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Do i wear a bra under your swim suit?

YOU COULD WEAR A BRA UNDER ANYTHING BUT... Some swim suits have bras like in them. And you could wear a bra under your swim suit BUT it would hart a lot. so don't wear one
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Can you get pregnant in a swimming pool?

    Answer     Free swimming sperm in water is not likely to make you pregnant. It will not likely evacuate by cleansing if the sperm is deposited by virtue o