Can a grandparent get coustody of their 16-year-old grandchild if the child wants to live with the grandparent and does the child have the right to move out of the parents' home?

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A 16-year-old cannot leave home without parental consent. If they do and the parents call the police (and I'm assuming they would) then the police will pick the child up and return him/her home. Despite the fact that you are family, it is possible that you (the grandparent) could be charged with something along the lines of harboring a runaway/interring with child custody/contributing to the delinquency of a minor/etc (the exact charges depending on where you live). The grandparent can petition the court for custody, but unless they are able to prove the parents to be unfit in some way...
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If the grandparents have temporary custody of the child what right do the parents have toward the child?

I am a 24 yr old woman, Lori L.Dunn, with 3 children, they are in temp. custody with 2 separate persons. One beeing the 2 younger childrens granmother, and one beeing with the

The parents of a 10yr old has had drug and alcohol addictions the child has resided with the grandparents for almost 2 yrs and does not want to go to the parents can she stay with the grandparents?

The answer is that most times the courts will prefer that a child be with the parents. The drug addiction may well be a factor that will be considered to reversing this typica