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Can a green card holder get a divorce and still be a permanent resident after 6 years of marriage?

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Yes, but I wouold recommend you apply for citizenship as you would lose your residency status if you leave the country for more than 6 months.
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Is everyone who is a permanent resident alien forced to become a US citizen and what are the advantages of being a US citizen versus staying a green card holder?

  Answer     No, you can remain a green card holder as long as you want. At present there do not seem to be a lot of advantages in becoming a citizen other than

Can a Green Card be revoked if it can be proven that the holder obtained it under marriage fraud?

  Answer     Yes, entering into a fraudulent marriage with the purpose of a foreign national to obtain permanent residency or citizenship is a federal felony. If

What if your spouse wants a bifurcation to speed up divorce You are a green card holder set to expire soon Gained green card through marriage to US citizen How will bifurcation affect green card renew?

  Answer   if the green card is conditional - yes, it will. in order to remove the condition and become a permanent resident, you have to be married to the same pers

What countries can canadian permanent resident card holders go without a visa?

Outside Canada   Foreign government authorities may require the production of a PR Card in some circumstances:   Canadian permanent residents require a PR Card, unless t

Can green card holders get a divorce in California if you got married in India and became permanent residents last year?

  Answer     Yes,the green card holders can get a divorce even if they are married in India.   The only requirement is you should be resident of the same count

Can a permanent resident card holder work for the government?

  Answer   Sure you can, although there are certain jobs with defense contractors like Lockheed (or much smaller companies of course) for which you need a security c

Can green card holders married in Brazil divorce in Florida?

  No   You can only divorce from your marriage in the US if so. To divorce from a marriage in Brazil, even though you are legal citizens in the US, you must do it in

Can someone with a permanent resident alien card divorce her American husband born in the US?

Yes of course . Yes of course, being a resident alien doesn't stop you from divorcing him. There are lawyers out there that will charge you approximately $20 for half hour

What happens if a alien resident gets divorced before they renew their green card?

It looks like the alien who is on conditional status wants to know how to upgrade to permanent resident status after divorce. 90 days before the conditional status expires y