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Can a guy not feel the sperm cone out at a point?

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every guy feels it each time it happens, but not all guys can realize what that feeling meens or why it happened
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Do guys always feel the sperm before it comes out?

I would like to add he does feel it before it comes out but like the statement below is also correct. Read the Bottom Statement! No. Keep in mind that all male sex fluid (pre-

Why do guys sperm?

They ejaculate/sperm so that humans and all other species can reproduce and create new generations of their species.

What parts of a cone are analogous to a sperm and egg?

Evidently, the question refers to cones as found on coniferous trees, e.g., pines. Here is a good page on the subject of gymnosperms.     http://biology.clc.uc.edu/Cour

What point on a cone is a vertex?

Because in math the definition for vertex is !the point of a geometric figure that is opposite the base. So in this case, the point is the vertex.

How can a cone have a point?

Some common cones do not finish in a point, but that is generally due to lack of quality in manufacturing. A road cone, or an ice cream cone would not finish in a point, but a