Can a hermit crab feel you if you touch its shell?

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Yes it can because some crabs are unique with there shells
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How do hermit crab change their shells?

Well first they do something called shopping for shells its where they look for shells. Then climb all the way out of its shell and into another.

How can you get a hermit crab into another shell?

You can't force it into a new shell, it will molt when it's ready. But you can put in 3 or 4 shells that you like that are the right size for the crab that you like. But NEVER

What to paint your hermit crab shells with?

Nothing; All paint is bad for crabs, so don't buy those pretty painted shells for your hermit crabs or a crab in a painted shell. They are cruelly forced into the painted shel
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When do hermit crabs shed their shell?

They don't shed their shell. They simply move into a new one once their current shell is too big for them. Theydo molt tho
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How can you make a hermit crab get in the shells?

First you must determine the size of the opening that you will need. Purple Pinchers prefer a round opening in their shell where Ruggies and Ecudorian's prefer oval openings.
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Why do hermit crabs get new shells?

If you mean the gastropod shells they wear on their abdomens, change these shells because they either outgrow them, or they find one that they just like better than their curr