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Do killer whales eat sharks?

Yes. The Orca, or Killer Whale as it is sometimes known, hunts  sharks on occasion. Even the Great White Shark is taken by the Orca  now and then.

Do killer sharks eat killer whales?

No. Well, it really depends. If it is a young weak killer whale without much protection tiger sharks with probably go for it. A big pack of killer whales and kill any thing. W

How do killer whales eat sharks?

The killer whale will hunt the shark by swimming under it andforcing it to the surface. It then attacks by ramming or hittingthe shark with its tail. Once the shark has been f

Can whale sharks eat killer whales?

whale sharks only consumes plankton which is microscopic plants and animals, macro-algae, krill, Christmas island red crab and small nektonic life which is squid and vertebrat

Do whale sharks eat killer whales?

No. Whale sharks are filter feeders. They don't have the teeth, the jaws or the throat to eat anything that big.