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Can a lawsuit settlement be taken after bankruptcy discharge?

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If the debtor has a lawsuit for damages AGAINST a person, that lawsuit becomes part of the BK and the BK trustee would have the power to settle/go to trial and keep any judgment for distribution to creditors.

If the debtor is being sued by ANOTHER person, it would have to be listed in the BK petition, and the cause of action would be discharged (unless it involves debts that are non-dischargeable)
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Is an SBA Loan discharged in bankruptcy?

It depends what kind of bankruptcy you are talking about. Most individuals file for chapter 7, so I'll assume you are talking about Ch 7. In the vast majority of those cases,

How long after filing bankruptcy is it discharged?

After you go to court and meet with the bankruptcy trustees, it should only take about 60-90 days to discharge all debts. You have to take the pre-discharge debt managemnt cla

What does a bankruptcy discharge mean?

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Can a discharged bankruptcy be reopened?

Answer   Yes, for some reasons. You have to file a Motion to Reopen and pay the court the reopen fee which is currently $260 as of 5/12/07, plus whatever your attorney ch

How long does it take for a bankruptcy to be discharged?

  Answer     About 4 to 6 months. I think it depends on the courts case load. Any change in circumstance may prolong the action. For instance, an amended petitio

What should you do if you receive a monetary award from a class action lawsuit after your bankruptcy hearing and prior to discharge?

Answer   Notify your attorney.   If its a reasonable amount of money, get an attorney if you don't have one. Sometimes they can get you some wiggle room.   If you d

How can you find out if your bankruptcy has been discharged?

  Answer     One way would be to go in person and checking with the local courthouse in the city/state in which it was filed. Another would be to order a copy o

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What can be discharged in a bankruptcy?

After a bankruptcy order is made the official receiver becomes the receiver and manager of the bankrupt's estate. The estate is administered by a trustee in bankruptcy who may

Can 401k be taken in civil lawsuit?

Yes, a 401(k) plan may be seized by a judgment creditor after a civil lawsuit even though you personally are not entitled to take the funds out without a tax penalty. If the 4

A bankruptcy can not be wiped off your credit report until after 10 years but if the accounts on your credit report which were discharged in the bankruptcy can these be taken off?

The debts which were wiped out in bankruptcy still stay on your credit report, but they should be listed as "Discharged in bankruptcy." They will still stay on your credit for

What can be discharged in bankruptcy?

It's probably easier to list what can't be discharged. In the two types of personal bankruptcy here is a list of what cannot be discharged: In a Chapter 7 case, the most comm