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Can a lender take your tax return until the debt is settled after you voluntarily surrender your car and you make payment arrangements with the them?

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NOT unless they get a judgementand attach your returns.
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When can a federal tax return be seized for debt?

Answer   Federal tax refunds can be seized by the IRS for tax arrearages without the normal legal procedures being used.   Federal and state tax refunds can be seized

On your return date to go to court for your garnishment can you make arrangements to pay the debt instead of getting your paycheck garnish?

  Yes and no. One can always make arrangements for future payments instead of getting wages garnished, however, if a person is at the point where a creditor has a judgment

What is the difference between a car been repossessed or voluntarily surrendered?

  Answer   AS far as your credit goes there isn't any a repo is a repo it stays on your credit for seven years.A voluntary repo can save you $200-300 in repo fees .Yo

What payment methods do the DVLA take for car tax?

The DVLA takes many different payment methods for car tax. The DVLA car tax can be paid by a bank transfer, cash or a credit card. A payment proof is required before applicati

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How do you surrender a car to the bank or lender?

Repossession . \nBad idea!! This is called a voluntary repossession. Your credit will be ruined for 7 years, and you will still be responsible for the difference in what th

Can the dealership seize your car for defaulting on the downpayment while you are still making your payments on time to the lender?

%FOLLOWUPS%     seize your car for defaulting on the downpayment.... default is default.       What does "default mean default" mean??? Can someone answer the

When your car is repossessed will the finance company generally allow you to make payment arrangements on the deficiency or demand payment in full?

make payment arrangements on the deficiency???? IF you mean the amount you're in DEFAULT on, NO If you mean the amount due AFTER they sell it, USUALLY NOT. Why?? You couldn't

Should you surrender your car to the lender before or after bankruptcy?

 Answer   According to the contract you signed when you bought the car, you should surrender it any time you are in default. Sooo, what difference does a day, a few day

Why do the lenders make you pay off all bad debt?

By "bad debt", I assume you are referring to collections. All lenders do not make you pay off all collections. In fact, there are some non-conforming lenders who do not make y

Can a collection agency take you to court if you have not returned their calls or made payment arrangements but you send small monthly payments which they deposit?

  Answer     Yes.     It is a common misconception that a creditor or collector cannot pursue legal action if any payment from the debtor is accepted. 

In Texas can you still be sued if you voluntarily surrender a damaged car to the lender?

  Yes, there is no difference of application of debt owed whether a vehicle is voluntarily surrendered by the borrower or the lender takes steps to recover the vehicle.