Can a loan be put on a Visa debit card even not having a checking account?

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First of all, you cannot get a VISA debit card without having a checking (Or savings) account. A debit card does not exist stand-alone without a linked bank account. So, if your VISA debit card is linked to your bank account, then you can use it to pay for a loan. For a loan provider, the type of bank account you have does not really matter. All that matters is whether you'll repay the loan.
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Do you need a checking account in order to get a debit card?

No you don't. You can open a green dot card or a walmart money card which are debit cards that do not link to a checking account. You just go to a local green dot or walmart location to add as much money as you please to the card. You can even have your pay check directly deposited. I personally like these cards because you don't receive any insufficient funds charges if you don't have enough on it. It only uses what to add to the card.

Can i create a PayPal account using a visa debit card instead of credit card?

Yes, you can - you can even use a direct bank account and routing number. However, be sure to read PayPal's policies and recommendations. PayPal will directly deposit AND withdraw into the account you set up. Do you have better protection against a fraudulent charge with a credit card? PayPal also has a new Plug-in that lets you create a short-term credit card with them to use on a website where you can't use PayPal directly.

How do you put money onto my wellsfargo visa debit card?

You deposit the money into your checking account. A debit card is just a tool to spend the money that is in your checking account. Many people confuse debit card with credit cards. The difference is that a credit card is a type of loan, in which the bank is loaning you money to buy things with when you swipe the card and you have to pay it back over time. When you swipe your debit card, the purchase is paid for with money in your checking account immediately. Wells Fargo also sells Visa prepaid debit cards, which is a card you can buy with a preset amount, ie $300. When you spend all $300 on the card, you can't use it anymore and have to throw it away. They are not reloadable.

Are there any loans that need no checking account or direct deposit only a prepaid debit card?

Yes. Unsecured "payday advance" loans online don't often ask for these things. You pay for this conveniance in the back end with exorbant APR. Most lenders that would give you a decent interest rate are usually interested in an actual account. Lenders are looking for ability to repay debt, and that is easy to assess since you can track transactions and average balance. Prepaid debit cards are considered the same as cash in the lending world.

What is the visa debit card used for?

The visa debit card is used for any purchase you would normally make with your credit card. The difference is that the visa debit can be used just like a debit card and a credit card. It has the versatility of both. You can make purchases with this card wherever visa is excepted, there are no restrictions.

Are visa and debit cards the same?

A debit card is a way to access the money in your bank account so your money is secure and safe in a bank. A credit card represents money that you do not have and is a way to buy things with something similar to a loan. The name "Visa" is printed on both debit and credit cards

Can you put auto loan in checking account?

Assuming I've understood the question properly, no you cannot. You don't get handed a big pile of cash to do whatever you want with when you get an auto loan. You get a piece of paper saying that you've been approved. When you pick out a car, the dealership gets the money directly from the bank and sends them back the title. You never have the money, so you can't "put it in a checking account." Now, there's a possibility that you're talking about a secured loan, in which you're putting the title of a car (or some other asset) that you already own up as collateral for a loan. In that case you DO get cash (well, probably you actually get a cashier's check) and you can do whatever you want to with it... you can pay your mortgage, buy a new TV, put it in your checking account, or just get naked and roll around in it; the finance company doesn't really care, because paying it back is your problem and if you don't do it they'll take your car.

Do you need a checking account or will a prepaid debit card work?

I'm assuming here that this question is being asked in order toimprove one's FICO. Neither will directly work in that neither typeof acct. is reported to CRAs. However, a checking acct. indirectlyaffects one's FICO because it is needed in order to show a paymenthistory to a creditor such as credit card. Prepaid debit cards haveno affect on credit reports.