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Can a male seahorse get pregnant?

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The female seahorse deposits her eggs into an opening in the front of the male's body, and he keeps them into a pouch until they hatch, at which time they "squirt" out of him. The seahorse is not pregnant in the sense we think of pregancy, he is just carrying the eggs in a safe place in a specialised pouch for doing so.
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Do male seahorses get pregnant?

No. Male seahorses do not get pregnant. The female lays the  eggs inside a pouch on the male's stomach and the males  carry them until it's time for them to hatch.   

Do male seahorses have babies?

Unlike with humans, the male seahorse gives birth to the babies.  Since it has the fertilization pouch, all a female must do is  deposit the eggs in there.

Why do male seahorses get pregnant and not the female?

The female produces the eggs in her body. They are passed to the  male's pouch during mating where he inseminates them and they are  incubated. Over time they developed the
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How does a male seahorse look after its young?

The male seahorse has a special pouch on the back. The female puts  her eggs in to the pouch for the male to fertilise and to look  after until the young hatch and can leave