Can a man not pay back child support if he is on ssi or ssid?

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If "SSID" means, "RSDI," - the man can be ordered to pay back ("retroactive") support.
For SSI, retroactive support will not be ordered. The SSI recipient owes any past-due support, but it cannot be withheld from his SSI benefit.
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How long does a father have to pay child support with mother on ssi?

Father owes child support until the child reaches the age of majority regardless of what mother's source of income is. and regardless if the mother is on ssi or ssdi she stil

Do mothers on ssi and ssd pay child support to the fathers?

An SSI beneficiary is not obligated to pay child support; however, if there is an order in place, the beneficiary will have to file a motion to have it terminated. The child m

How do you stop paying child support while on SSI?

SSI / SSP benefits are exempt from child support enforcement activties. In the case where the obligor's ONLY source income is SSI/SSP it must be closed pursant to the close re